10/2/2016 – MediSend International Receives $300,000 Matching Grant from Dahan Family Foundation

9/21/2016 – MediSend, Liberia’s Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization Partner to Help Rebuild Liberian Healthcare Infrastructure

5/20/2016 – The General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Technology Program Receives Bank of America Grant to Help Provide Veterans a Pathway to Employment

5/20/2016 – Sodexo and Medisend Partner to bring Biomedical Career Opportunities to Veterans.

5/4/2016 – Dr. Jane Goodall Celebrates with MediSend Friends

3/3/2016 – News from Nigeria

2/10/2016 – The General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Technology School Receives $50k From ReserveAid

2/10/2016 – The General Richard B. Myers 2016 Veterans Hope Award is Presented to Strasburger & Price, LLP


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4/23/2015 – Dr. Gerald A. Heeger Joins Dallas-based MediSend International Advisory Board

4/8/2015 – MediSend International and World Olympians Association Team Up to Support Reconstruction of Liberia’s Healthcare System


3/11/2015 – ReserveAid Supports the General Richard B. Myers Veterans Program

2/20/2015 – MediSend Awarded Certification as Career School and College

1/28/2015 – Medisend International Celebrates 25 years of Improving Community Health Worldwide


12/16/2014 – MediSend Partners with AirLink to Deliver 10 Tons of Medical Supplies to Sierra Leone

12/12/2014 – The General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Equipment Technology Program™ at MediSend is recipient of the 21st Century Solutions Grant from NBC 5 and Telemundo, in partnership with the NBC Foundation.

9/24/2014 – MediSend International Ships Medical Supplies to Ebola Stricken West Africa

7/25/2014 – Spring 2014 Graduates of General Richard B. Myers Veterans Program™ Have Recently Found Careers in Healthcare

7/17/2014 – Veterans Find Careers in Healthcare After Training in General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Equipment Technology Program™

5/7/2014 – MediSend ships desperately needed medical supplies to Philippines.

5/6/2014 – MediSend International Ships Medical Supplies to Philippines as Part of Recovery Effort
01/8/2014 – MediSend and Mercy Ships Partner for the Africa Mercy


10/14/2013 – Medical Device Depot, Inc. Donates EKG Machines to MediSend International

04/22/2013 – Full Scholarships for Returning US Vets in General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Equipment Technology Program at MediSend International

01/15/2013 – MediSend’s Biomedical Equipment Technology Program™ Provides Opportunity for Women throughout the Developing World


12/20/2012 – MediSend Graduates Are Returning to Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan

12/20/2012 – Happy Holidays!

12/20/2012 – MediSend Ships Containers of Hope to Papua New Guinea Filled with Life-Saving Biomedical Equipment

12/04/2012 – MediSend International is Building Technical Capacity for Healthcare in Papua New Guinea

11/26/2012 – MediSend International Trains Nigeria Technicians to Build National Healthcare Capacity

06/15/2012 – The Spring 2012 MediSend Biomedical Repair Training Program™ Sends Graduating Biomedical Technicians to Hospitals Around the World

06/13/2012 – MediSend Trainees Tour Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

05/30/2012 – MediSend International Receives an $11,000 Grant from Million Dollar Round Table Foundation

05/25/2012 – Meet Jason Maiasa, a MediSend biomedical technician trainee from Papua New Guinea

05/21/2012 – MediSend International Supports Healthcare Technology Management Week

05/12/2012 – Meet Jhon Romero, a technician trainee from Peru’s National Institute of Neoplastic Disease (INEN)

04/17/2012 – MediSend and International Child Care Partner to benefit Haitian Children’s Hospital

03/14/2012 – Maersk Line Supports MediSend International’s Healthcare Strenthening Programs in Papua New Guinea

03/01/2012 – MediSend Welcomes Trainees from Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Papua New Guinea, Peru and Haiti


12/16/2011 – MediSend Trained Biomedical Equipment Technicians Return Home to Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Papua New Guinea

11/15/2011 – MediSend will soon return (BMET) Biomedical Repair Technicians and Laboratories to Papua New Guinea, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea

07/12/2011 – MediSend International Transforms Healthcare in Nigeria, Togo, Papua New Guinea and Haiti

05/24/2011 – MediSend International Names Dr. Costel Rizescu Vice-President of Biomedical Technologies

05/17/2011 – MediSend Receives Four Star Ranking from Charity Navigator for Fourth Consecutive Year

02/09/2011 – MediSend International Welcomes Mary Logan to Its Advisory Board of Directors


10/13/2010 – MediSend CEO Visits Ghana on a Mission for Women’s Health

09/22/2010 – MediSend Biomedical Trainees from Six Developing Country Hospitals Visit Baylor Health Care System

09/14/2010 – MediSend International Plans a Significant Role in the Reconstruction of Haiti�s Healthcare System 

08/17/2010 – MediSend International Brings Together a Partnership to Deliver Life-Saving Medication to Tajikistan 

08/10/2010 – Six Developing Countries To Benefit from the MediSend Biomedical Repair Training Program™

05/11/2010 – AAMI Collaborates to Promote International Education, Standards

04/13/2010 – MediSend International Joins Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD)

02/23/2010 – MediSend Biomedical Technologies School Opens Its Fourth Year with 2010 Class of Trainees from Developing Countries

01/29/2010 – A Coalition of North Texas Organizations Enables MediSend International to Answer the Urgent Plea for Medical Equipment and Supplies for Haiti 

01/12/2010 – International SOS and MediSend to Partner on Humanitarian Healthcare


12/01/2009 – Mercy Ships and MediSend International Partner to Deliver Hope and Healing

11/16/2009 – MediSend International Biomedical Training Team to Attend
MEDICA 2009 in Duesseldorf, Germany

09/28/2009 – MediSend International Joins The Clinton Global Initiative with The Afghanistan Health and Human Resource Initiative

08/25/2009 – MediSend International Utilizes Nida System to Train Biomedical Repair Technicians for Developing Country Hospitals 

07/07/2009 – MediSend International Hosts Graduation for Ten Biomedical Trainees from Africa

06/30/2009 – NFI Partners with MediSend International to Deliver Medical AId to Developing Nations

06/02/2009 – MediSend International Supplies AIMS.NET Technology To Developing Country Hospitals

05/28/2009 – Thanks to the Generosity of ExxonMobil, MediSend International is Transforming Healthcare in Chad

05/26/2009 – MediSend International Supplies Biomedical Repair Kits To African Countries Thanks To The Generosity Of ExxonMobil

03/16/2009 – Trainees from Hospitals in Africa Attend MediSend International’s Biomedical Repair Training Program

02/11/2009 – MediSend International Sending Medical Equipment and Supplies to Africa


12/16/2008 – MediSend International Initiates Fund-Raising Campaign to Support Expansion of Educational Facilities

11/06/2008 – Congolese trainees in MediSend�s Biomedical Repair Training Program™ will return home as qualified technicians to work in the hospital sponsored by Dikembe Mutombo and named for his mother.

08/21/2008 – MediSend International Launches the First Comprehensive Biomedical Equipment Repair Kit for Developing Country Hospitals

07/23/2008 – Dallas-based MediSend International Hosts Commencement Ceremonies for Twelve African Students Graduating from First-Mover Biomedical Repair Training Program 

07/16/2008 – Dallas-based Baylor Health Care System and MediSend International Work Together To Improve Health Care Systems in Developing Countries

06/16/2008 – MediSend International is Honored with the CIO 100 Award for Third Consecutive Year

05/28/2008 – Broadlane and MediSend International Collaborate to Improve Healthcare Conditions in Developing Countries

05/12/2008 – MediSend International and Tenet Healthcare Corporation Form a Global Social Responsibility Partnership to Redeploy Biomedical Equipment to Developing Countries 

05/01/2008 – MediSend International is First to Offer a Comprehensive Biomedical Training Program Designed Specifically for Developing Countries

04/09/2008 – MediSend International and National Freight Industries (NFI) Partnership Benefits People in Desperate Need Worldwide

02/26/2008 –MediSend International Inspires ‘Green-Thinking’ Domestically and in Developing Countries

01/28/2008 – MediSend International Ships Emergency Aid to Bangladesh

01/10/2008 – MediSend International Sends Humanitarian Aid to Angola as part of ExxonMobil’s Africa Health Initiative


10/17/2007 – African Students Return Home with Skills to Save Lives 

10/16/2007 – NASA Astronaut James F. Reilly, II (PH.D.) Meets with African Students at MediSend International

10/14/2007 – MediSend International Students Tour Baylor Plano Hospital

06/07/2007 – MediSend International is Honored with CIO 100 Award for the Second Consecutive Year

05/29/2007 – ExxonMobil Foundation Provides Grant to MediSend International for Humanitarian Aid to Africa

05/24/2007 – Estech Systems, Inc. Donates State-of-the-Art Communications Equipment to MediSend International as Part of “Success with Significance” Program

05/14/2007 – Esso Angola Donates Medical Supplies from MediSend International

04/03/2007 – MediSend International and UBICS Inc., Cooperate to Deliver International Aid and Educational Services More Efficiently 

03/15/2007 – MediSend International Announces Upgrade of its Award-Winning Warehouse Management Software


11/13/2006 – ExxonMobil Foundation Enables MediSend International to Ship 35 Tons of Medical Equipment and Supplies to the Middle East

09/16/2006 – Corporate Community Unites to Fund MediSend International’s Middle East Emergency Relief Campaign / ExxonMobil Foundation Provides Leadership Gift

08/17/2006 – MediSend International Receives the CIO 100 Award for Excellence and Achievement in IT

07/26/2006 – MediSend International Prepares Shipments of Medical Supplies and Equipment for Lebanon Emergency Relief

07/24/2006 – Senator Roshan Bharucha of Pakistan Voices Appreciation to Dallas-based MediSend International for $1.5 Million in Medical Relief

03/22/2006 – Dallas-Based MediSend International Opens BioMedical Repair Lab

01/11/2006 – Dallas-Based Medisend International Sends Aid to Indonesia


12/21/2005 – MediSend International, BHP Billiton, and Estech Systems,Inc. Make Possible a $1.5 Million Shipment of Desperately Needed Medical Supplies to Pakistan

12/08/2005 – Dallas-Based MediSend International and Pemex Partner in an Effort to Improve Medical Conditions in Rural Mexico

11/15/2005 – MediSend International Fulfills Shipment to Angola in Support of ExxonMobil’s Africa Health Initiative

11/02/2005 – Dallas-based MediSend International Will Ship Over $1.5 million in Surplus Medical Supplies to Earthquake Ravaged Pakistan

In The News

Medisend School Becomes Medisend College of Biomedical Engineering Technology

Dallas, June 7, 2017– – The Medisend Biomedical Equipment Technology School has become the Medisend College of Biomedical Engineering Technology and has been granted the authority to teach and award an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Biomedical Engineering Technology by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

This announcement comes following a period of evolution and growth for the school that, in 2007, began training biomedical technicians for developing country hospitals, the individuals responsible for repairing, maintaining and installing life-saving medical equipment.

The college offers its program to undergrads and international students and, since 2013, has focused on providing services to returning veterans through the General Richard B. Myers Veterans Program.

“Since we launched the veterans program, Medisend has been offering veterans a rapid pathway to jobs with some of America’s most respected healthcare organizations. Our new Associate Degree Program will create even greater opportunities for career advancement,” says General Richard B. Myers, USAF (ret.), former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

With the rapid growth in technology and constantly improving medical devices, future plans include consistent acquisition of the latest information and training equipment and increasing course offerings to include more facets of healthcare education.

“The Medisend College is dedicated to providing high-quality, intensive education and training to prepare graduates for jobs as professional biomedical technicians. We are proud to have the new designation and authorization to award an Associate Degree,” says Medisend College President Nick Hallack.

For information on Medisend College of Biomedical Engineering Technology, go to medisend.org or call 214.575.5006, ext. 112.

MediSend International Receives $300,000 Matching Grant from Dahan Family Foundation

The Dahan Family Foundation has awarded a matching grant in support of MediSend’s educational and humanitarian work to support and strengthen healthcare in developing countries. The grant promises to match donations and grants up to $300,000 until the end of 2016.

In 2005, Elisabeth and Rene Dahan donated Medisend’s current facility, the Elisabeth Dahan Humanitarian Center, home to the organization’s Biomedical Engineering Technology School and its International Distribution Center, a division of Medisend that distributes medical supplies and equipment to developing country hospitals in need, as well emergency aid in times of disaster.

The Dahans are not only longtime friends and benefactors of MediSend, but also invaluable mentors with an unwavering belief in MediSend’s educational and humanitarian work.

Read more

The Center


In 2006, retired Exxon-executive Rene Dahan and his wife, Elisabeth, made a new home for MediSend’s unique biomedical repair program possible. Located in north Dallas, the facility is now home for one of the nation’s top international biomedical equipment repair and training laboratories.

Sponsored by ExxonMobil, the Elisabeth Dahan Humanitarian Center houses the first BMET certified biomedical repair program that trains international students.

With the initiation of a capital campaign to raise funds for the expansion of the Medisend Global Education Center, the Board of Directors of MediSend International remains committed to the groundbreaking program it has created.

The existing classrooms, library and common areas were designed by Perkins + Will and the construction was funded by Dallas-based Cambridge Holdings Inc. Donations from numerous corporate sponsors and donors have equipped and furnished the state-of-the art facility.

“In developing countries, millions of men, women and children are denied proper diagnosis and treatment everyday because of a serious global shortage of qualified biomedical technicians and skilled healthcare technologists. MediSend is offering sustainable solutions to this problem,” said Rene Dahan, a MediSend board member.

Dahan went med-headquarters-1on to say,”In the two years since its inception, the MediSend Biomedical Repair Training ProgramTM has returned several dozen qualified biomedical repair technicians to their home countries of Angola, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, India and the Democratic Republic of Congo, like Issakha Haroun, from Chad. Haroun returned to Chad’s Regional Doba Hospital after successfully completing MediSend’s Biomedical Repair Training Program™. MediSend’s proven record will encourage donors to help them in the process of expansion.”

A new Healthcare Technology and Management Program developed by MediSend will focus primarily on educating women from developing countries. As nurses women are often called upon to use biomedical equipment, but lack proper training.

Once they return to their home-hospitals, graduates will have the skills to properly use a wide range of biomedical equipment. They will gain advanced knowledge in nursing diagnosis and treatment, immunization, infection control, and disease transmission prevention (HIV, TB and Malaria).

New laboratories, hospital room settings, classrooms and support areas to the building are in need of funding to accommodate MediSend’s expanding healthcare training programs. The $1 million bricks and mortar campaign will fund construction of a new Healthcare Technology Lab that will house six hospital rooms, workstations, a nursing station and an operating room.The women will be trained in the concept and application of team-building and leadership in working with and improving their community health structure.

The campaign will support the construction of a standard operating room simulation lab, a biomedical repair lab to complement MediSend’s existing biomedical repair training lab, and a 35-person classroom.  Newly expanded office space will accommodate the additional faculty and students, as well as a kitchen and mandatory elevator.

“Our generous sponsors have enabled MediSend to set new standards of excellence in biomedical technologies in countries desperately needing better healthcare,” said Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend International. “The funds raised for this project will allow us to increase and amplify educational programs while continuing the ongoing distribution of medical supplies and biomedical equipment in sustainable plans for the countries we serve.”

About MediSend International Program.

Students from developing countries bring their passion and commitment to the program by integrating it into the fine arts of biomedical technology, to become great engineers and serve their community in healthcare.

The uniqueness of Medisend International Program is that is serves more than one purpose. MediSend International’s Biomedical Engineering School and humanitarian organization have successfully contributed to developing countries around the world, by professionally training technicians to install, repair and maintain critical medical equipment in hospital systems. With high-quality education and medical equipment training, health care systems can provide higher quality care with more consistency and cost effectiveness. International students receive a BMET certificate, and go back to the hospitals they already work to manage, maintain, and educate others within hospitals.

We train biomedical technicians, equip them with a comprehensive test, repair and calibration lab, and then ship medical equipment.

With global partners such as GE El Sief, ExxonMobil, Chevron and World Health Organization, MediSend has successfully trained and equipped more than 140 technicians for 95 hospitals in 21 countries around the world. Medisend is the global leader in innovative healthcare community investment programs.

Over the years we have found that sending thousand of dollars worth of equipment to developing countries was ineffective after awhile because the machines would break and there would be no one knowledgeable to repair and maintain them. Instead of shipping equipment, we are now shipping knowledge. With that said, each international technician leaves with a MediSend Biomedical Equipment Repair Kit that repairs almost 80% of medical equipment world-wide.

General Myers


Since 2006, The MediSend Biomedical Equipment Technology School has trained and equipped professional biomedical equipment technicians for healthcare systems worldwide. The General Richard B. Myers Veterans Program will offer MediSend’s leading biomedical training curriculum to returning U.S. veterans. Vetevbetp-logorans will graduate from the accredited program in six months as qualified biomedical equipment technicians, prepared to enter a growing field with future potential for advancement. Read more