Q. What is the application deadline for each semester?

A. Typically 60 days for veterans and undergraduates, and 90 days for international students. However, late applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the admissions office to discuss: admissions@medisend.org

Q. What documents do I need to submit for admission? Where do I submit them?

A. All documents can be attached to the application.

High School Transcript (all applicants)
DD-214 (Veterans)
Copy of Valid U.S. Visa (International)
Copy of Valid Passport (International)

Q. Do you accept transfer students?

A. We accept all students that meet program eligibility, but course credit is evaluated on a case by case basis.

Q. Where can I get additional information regarding international student visas?

A.  Please visit visaguide.world for additional information regarding student visas.

Q. How do I apply for veteran education benefits?

A. Please visit vets.gov/education to register and apply for benefits.

Q. How do I obtain my Certificate of Eligibility.

A. After registering and applying for education benefits, you will be mailed your Certificate of Eligibility.

Q. What benefits can I use to fund my tuition?

A. Medisend College is approved for veteran education benefits. Please visit Military & Veterans page for the specific list of veteran benefits.