At Medisend College, you can complete a BMET Certificate Program and become a biomedical equipment technician in as little as 5 months, or complete your Associate of Applied Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering Technology in as little as 6 months. Both Programs are the most rapid and professional educational pathway to a job and lifetime career in the healthcare industry!

Program Overview

  • Hands-on training  We are one of the few colleges in the country with modern training laboratories where you will get a real practical, hands-on experience with medical equipment found in today’s modern hospitals and clinics.
  • Boot-camp training – Our proprietary boot-camp model of education is an intensive and challenging experience that immerses you in healthcare technology: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Fast-track to a job – Medisend College prepares and qualifies you for a professional job and career in as little as 5 months.
  • High standards – Under the guidance of Air Force General Richard B. Myers (4-Star, retired) and 15th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Medisend’s Programs are designed in collaboration with global healthcare leaders, healthcare experts and technology innovators.
  • Career Opportunities – The challenging boot-camp style training programs at the Medisend College quickly propels students into career opportunities. Our dedicated staff help veterans leverage existing skills to get a productive educational experience, and provide job placement services. We are proud to have placed near 100% of our graduates with some of the most prestigious healthcare industry leaders in the U.S.


Admissions Process


1. Complete Online Admissions Application 
Veterans Online Application
International Online Application
Undergraduate Online Application
2. Submit Required Documents (upload to Application)
High School Diploma or Transcript or equivalent (all applicants)
DD-214 (Veterans)
Copy of Valid U.S. Visa (International)
Copy of Valid Passport (International)
Medical records with current immunization (International)
3. Pass Competency Test
The Medisend College Competency Test is used to establish a beginning competency level or benchmark, indicating qualification for Medisend's intensive and accelerated educational Programs. The test is based on general science, algebra and mathematics, basic electronic components and circuits and general medical terminology. The Competency Test can be taken at the Medisend College in Dallas, Texas, or administered at a U.S. or international location near you.
4. Application and Acceptance Review
Upon completion of Requirements 1,2 and 3, the Medisend College Admissions Committee will review your application and respond with a letter of decision within two weeks.
Program Start Dates 

*Dates are subject to change

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