Academic Programs

» BMET Certificate Program

» Associate of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering Technology (AAS)
*The BMET Certificate is included in the AAS Program

What Is Biomedical Engineering Technology?

A biomedical equipment technician/engineer is trained to work in the Healthcare Technology Management field as a highly skilled electro-mechanical technician/engineer that installs, inspects, troubleshoots, calibrates, and maintains medical, instrumentation and support systems of moderate to high complexity used in healthcare delivery. This individual has technical competence to ensure that medical equipment is safe, functional and properly configured. The biomedical equipment engineer also serves as an advisor to nursing and administrative staff in the safe use and proper operation of biomedical equipment and in developing specifications for and the selection of new items of medical equipment.

The comprehensive education and training program includes: a review of medical device-related standards and protocols; knowledge of the clinical use of testing and diagnostic instruments, hands on application of calibrating techniques and engineering problem-solving methodologies; awareness of potential fire, chemical, biological and electrical hazards and related safety precautions; development of communication and customer support skills, management and leadership skills, and performance assurance-testing procedures.

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