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We are excited that you are considering applying to Medisend College. Our staff and faculty are dedicated to assisting you in your pursuit of higher education, and will support you every step of the way.  Learning and working on a full suite of biomedical equipment, graduates are employment ready for a growing career as professional biomedical technicians.

Our Associate of Applied Science Degree prepares students for technologically advanced job employment. It includes 36 semester credit hours of core technology courses (BMET Certificate), and 9 semester credit hours of advanced technical courses (Electives). All 45 SCH hands-on technology courses must be taken at Medisend College, in Dallas TX. The remaining 15 hours of General Education can be taken prior to or after completion of the BMET or AAS Program (technology courses). 


CETT   1403 – DC Circuits – 4 SCH
CETT   1405 – AC Circuits – 4 SCH
CETT   1429 – Solid State Devices – 4 SCH

BIOM    2301 – Safety in Healthcare Facilities – 3 SCH
ITSC     1325 – Personal Computer Hardware – 3 SCH
ITNW    1325 – Fundamentals of Networking Technologies – 3 SCH


BIOM   1355 – Medical Electronic Applications – 3 SCH
BIOM   1341 – Medical Circuits Troubleshooting – 3 SCH 
BIOM   1309 –  Applied Biomedical Equipment Technology – 3 SCH
BIOM    2339 – Physiological Instruments II – 3 SCH
BIOM    2342 – General Medical Equipment II – 3 SCH

BIOM   1101 – Biomedical Engineering Technology – 1 SCH
BIOM   1270 – Shop Skills for Biomedical Equipment Technicians – 2 SCH
BIOM   1350 – Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging Systems – 3 SCH
BIOM   2331 – Biomedical Clinical Instrumentation – 3 SCH
BIOM   2319 – Fundamentals of X-Ray & Medical Imaging Systems – 3 SCH
BIOM   2347 – RF/X-Ray System – 3 SCH

ENGL    1301- English Composition I 
PHIL      2306 – Introduction to Ethics 
PSYC     2301 – General Psychology 
*BIOL    1408 – Biology for Non-Science Majors I
MATH   1314 – College Algebra
               or MATH -1332 Contemporary Math

*BIOL 1408 is offered as a 4 SCH course based on curriculum structure for lab requirements.

Medisend College will evaluate all credits from all post-secondary institutions, colleges and university previously attended by a student and may grant credit for college courses completed. 

Medisend College has caring professionals who are there to help you understand the importance of maintaining medical equipment, and more importantly why you are performing the task at hand: to protect and save lives! 

Artee McDonald
2018 Medisend Graduate
Field Engineer, GE Healthcare

Program Start Dates (BMET and AAS)

Summer Class – June 17th, 2019
Fall Class – August 26th, 2019
Winter Class – January 13th, 2020
Spring Class – April 13th, 2020

*Dates are subject to change

Admission Requirements

Tuition and Fees

BMET Certificate Program
Tuition:                           $49,750
Admission Fee:                  $250
Total:                              $50,000
Associate Degree Program
Tuition:                             $63,853
Admission Fee:                    $250
Total:                                $64,103

* Please note: Medisend College does not offer scholarships, educational grants or financial aid. Tuition and fees must be paid in advance of enrollment in Medisend College. 

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