Associate of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering Technology

Earn an Associate of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering Technology degree in a hands-on learning environment on a full suite of hospital equipment!

The reward is a not only a secure financial future in a promising career, but also an opportunity to serve your community as a healthcare professional.

The Associate of Applied Science Degree Program prepares students for technologically advanced job employment in the healthcare industry. The AAS provides graduates with an even greater opportunity for job placement and career advancement. It employs Medisend’s innovative boot-camp model of education,  including the BMET Certificate Program,  plus 9 credit hours of technical electives and 15 hours of general education, for a total of 60 semester credit hours. The AAS Program is the first accelerated degree program of its kind in the US that can be completed in less than one year.

Our staff of exemplary, dedicated instructors will train and educate you in both the classroom and laboratory on a complete suite of hospital equipment. The practical, hands-on experience at Medisend College is an immersion into the world of biomedical engineering that prepares you for a successful future as a healthcare professional with opportunities for advancement and a lifetime of earning power. You can enter the workforce with the confidence and commitment required to be a success.

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