Credit Transfer Policy

What is Transfer Credit?

Transfer credit refers to the credit a college or university grants for coursework completed at another institution of higher learning. When you move from one college or university to another, the credit from the courses you took at the old institutions might or might not be accepted by your new institution. Each educational institution makes its own decisions about accepting credit in transfer from other institutions.

Credit Transfer Policy

MediSend College will accept transfer coursework from the U.S. regionally and nationally accredited institutions. Students may, however, request a review of all transfer work regardless of regional or national accreditation status. The College will evaluate all credits from military service, as well as all post-secondary institutions previously attended by a student and may, at the College’s sole discretion, grant credit for college courses completed at post-secondary institutions, colleges, and universities that offer academic degree program courses comparable to associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Courses accepted for transfer must be reported on an official transcript (academic record), provided to the College (a) in a sealed envelope (to the greatest extent possible) from the original institution of enrollment, bearing the institution’s official seal and registrar’s signature, or (b) electronically, coming directly from the issuing institution.  In the case of military transcripts, students must request an official transcript through the Joint Services Transcript System (JST), which is set up to send official transcripts electronically or via U.S. Postal Service directly to institutions. Students are advised to consult with the Student Services Office to request assistance for obtaining prior transcripts and for determining the acceptability of credit from other institutions.

All transfer courses from institutions of higher learning will be reviewed individually on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Admissions and by the appropriate faculty to determine which courses are acceptable for granting transfer credit. Students are responsible to complete a Transfer of Credit Policy Request Form and submit it to the Office of Admissions.

For additional information on Credit Transfer Policy, please see the Catalogue link.