Medisend College of Biomedical Engineering Technology

Your quick pathway to a professional career with our BMET Certificate Program or Associate Degree in Biomedical Engineering Technology in as little as 5-7 months.

Student Success Stories

  • Artee McDonald – U.S. Navy2018 Veteran AAS Graduate | Employed: GE Healthcare

    “In search of a career outside of the military, I enrolled in the General Richard B. Myers Veterans Program at Medisend College to earn my Associate of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering Technology. The intensive General Myers Program gave me a real hands-on experience with industry leading imaging, clinical laboratory and biomedical equipment, enabling me to apply my skills with competence and safety. In addition to training on modern state-of-the art equipment, the program focuses on anatomy and physiology, bioethics, computer hardware, software, networking, and valuable communication skills.

    Medisend College instructors take you through a complete professional biomedical technician experience and the outcomes. They are caring professionals who are truly there to help you understand the importance of maintaining medical equipment, and more importantly why you are performing the task at hand: to protect and save lives! Upon graduating, I was immediately hired by GE Heathcare and will be starting in June, so follow my lead and find your way into a career that will benefit you, your family and community.”



  • Timothy Newsome – U.S. Army2017 Veteran AAS Graduate | Employed: Henry Schein

    “It has been a long journey from exiting the Army and where I am today. I separated from the Army April 1st, 2017 and immediately began driving double trailer tractors in the Northeastern area of the country. This was a great job but the location was not the best for my family so I moved back to Lawton, OK where I began the process of entering the Richard B. Myers Veterans Program at the Medisend International College of Biomedical Engineering Technology. I had to earn a living until classes began so I worked as a home inspector, debt collector, and an inventory management representative for the Oklahoma Blood institute in Lawton, OK, all simultaneously.

    Once I was accepted into the General Myers Veterans Program, my real journey began. Upon arrival at Medisend College, the instructors and staff felt like family right from the beginning. I was greeted by CEO Nick Hallack and Stephanie Pedroza who immediately made me feel welcome. I was given everything I needed to get settled before class started.

    The program was a great experience. I had a background in the military with some electronics and networking. The courses reinforced all that had learned in the service and granted me the new skills to take into the field as a professional biomedical equipment technician.
    I am confident going into my new career at Henry Schein and ready to take on the world with the new-found knowledge gained at Medisend College. I want all of the staff and faculty to know that I am forever in your debt for sharing your patience and knowledge and for being there for me and my fellow veteran students whenever we needed you. Most importantly, I am grateful for the positive experience and wonderful opportunity. If I could sum it up in one word, it would be BLESSED!”


  • Timothy Hall – U.S. Navy2017 Veteran AAS Graduate | Employed: SIEMENS

    “I enrolled into the Medisend College of Biomedical Engineering Technology because I wanted to enter the biomedical field while still utilizing the technical skills I learned in the military. My aim was to obtain a good job to support my family, while continuing toward my future career as a biomedical engineer. The General Richard B. Myers Veterans Program helped me accomplish this goal and exceeded my expectations. The program is designed based on input from potential employers, so it provides a good baseline of knowledge for the work I will be performing with SIEMENS. The school was able to get me interviews that I probably wouldn’t have been able to get, considering I’m just starting in this field. The goal of the program is for graduates to secure employment with healthcare industry leaders, and I am extremely satisfied with my outcome!”

  • Nyemah Muhlenburg – Biomedical Technician2016 International BMET Graduate | World Health Organization Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Republic of Liberia

    “I write to express my gratitude and joyfulness for the many updates since our departure from Medisend, in the US. I am glad to be a part of an institution that cares about its students even in their absence; not only that, but an institution that proved to promote the reputation of their students wherever they are. I am so proud, well knowledged, skilled and enlightened in the field of biomedical equipment technology that I can independently work and boost up from what I learned at Medisend College’s rapid pathway.
    Medisend has brought a new light and gave me the knowledge and understanding to see the bigger picture of what it is to be a biomedical equipment technician and how it relates to saving lives. Therefore, I want to extend my thanks to my government for affording me this opportunity at Medisend. Also, I want to say thanks all my instructors, including my Medisend family.”


  • Tyson Jelinek – U.S. Marine Corps2017 Veteran AAS Graduate | Employed: Henry Schein

    “Transitioning out of the Marine Corps, I wasn’t quite sure what my next move should be. I knew that I wanted to work on things and somehow help people by doing so. Upon doing research I learned of Medisend College and thought it would be a great choice since I wanted to start work as soon as possible while earning an accelerated degree. Nick, Stephanie, and Eyejan answered all of my questions and set me up right away to start classes. My overall experience was positive, and the instructors and staff cared about each student and their progress. The skills I acquired while attending Medisend College significantly helped with my job offer from Henry Schein. If I could do it over again I would in a heartbeat. Huge thank you to the staff and instructors at Medisend for serving those who served, and making the transition as smooth as possible into a promising career field.”


  • Louis Washington – U.S. Navy2017 Veteran AAS Graduate | Employed: Henry Schein

    “The decision to come to Medisend College was strictly based upon faith. Since leaving the Navy, I had the desire to finish my degree and make a career change. The change would not come easy being away from family without employment. As CEO Nick Hallack explained to me over the phone before attending, “It would be a short term sacrifice for a long term gain”. Medisend College not only supported the other veterans and me, but went above and beyond to insure our success. The hands on training and knowledgeable instructors who have actually worked in the field really created a skill set within us that set us apart from other job candidates. While training in Dallas, hurricane Harvey devastated my hometown of Houston, Texas. Friends and family lost more than ever before. For the first time in my life the flood waters reached our property. However, when it came time to travel back to access the damages, Medisend College offered to help my family and I with whatever was needed. Upon arrival Henry Schein was one of the first companies I noticed really helping to get Houstonians care and essentials. As faith would have it, MediSend College and Henry Schein began collaborating to fill the need for highly skilled graduates ready to enter the industry. I am pleased to become Medisend’s first college graduate offered a position with Henry Schein Dental Division servicing Houston, Texas.”