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General Richard B. Myers School

The Associate of Applied Science Degree prepares students for technologically advanced job employment in the healthcare industry. The AAS provides graduates with an advanced opportunity for job placement and career advancement. It employs Medisend’s innovative boot-camp model of education, including the BMET I Certificate Program and Advanced Technologies Certificate Programs. The Fast-Track Associate Degree Program graduates skilled professionals with confidence and real-time practical experience required to work successfully in the challenging healthcare industry.


The Associate of Applied Science Degree  is comprised of 45 Semester Credit Hours (1108-1040 clock hours) of BMET I Certificate Program (core technologies) and Advanced Technologies Certificate Program, and 15 SCH (240-256 clock hours) of General Education. The 45 Semester Credit Hours (SCH) of specialized biomedical engineering technology courses are offered directly by Medisend College and taught by Medisend College faculty. General Education courses from an accredited institution of higher learning may be submitted for transfer credit and will be subject to approval by the Office of the Registrar. 

Admission Requirements

Online Application 
• Proof of High School graduation or equivalency* 
• Joint Services Transcript*
Certificate of Eligibility*
• College Transcripts* (if applicable) 
• Aptitude Test

 *can be uploaded on the application

 Approved for VA Education Benefits: How to Apply

• VA Education Benefits, click here.
• Veteran Readiness and Employment Benefits, click here.
• Certificate of Eligibility – click here to apply for COE online 

Program Start Dates 

Fall 2022 – Spring 2023 Start Dates 

Fall Class- September 12th, 2022
Winter Class – January 23rd, 2023
Spring Class – April 17th, 2023

*Dates are subject to change

Tuition and Fees

BMET I Certificate Program
Tuition:                        $37,312.38

Admission Fee:               $250.00
Total:                           $37,562.38

Advanced Technologies  Certificate Program
Tuition:                        $24,874.92
Admission Fee:               $250.00
Total:                            $25,124.92

BMET II Certificate Program
Tuition:                        $62,187.30
Admission Fee:               $250.00
Total:                            $62,437.30

Associate Degree Program
Tuition:                          $62,187.00
General Education:        $2,025.00*

Admission Fee:                 $250.00
Total:                              $64,462.00

*Cost for General Education courses if taken from Dallas College. Tuition for General Education courses may vary, depending on residency, status and choice of institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please go to our FAQ page for questions that are commonly asked about the Program. e.g. How long are the courses?, What time do classes begin and end every day? etc… 



Four Star General, U.S. Airforce (retired)
15th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Chairman, Medisend College Board of Trustees

“The mission of this program is to have graduates obtain sought-after jobs after receiving a quality education. This accelerated program is a perfect fit for transitioning service members and veterans to build financial security. I believe the job is not done until each student gets the opportunity for a career.”

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