My Experience Being a Student at Medisend College

My Name is Damon Fletcher, I am a veteran who recently graduated from Medisend College of Biomedical Engineering Technology. I faced several obstacles even before I was enrolled in school. I suffered a significant injury that prevented me from continuing my military service. I was faced with trying to figure out exactly what I was going to do next because I really didn’t have a contingency plan in place at the time. I searched several resources for good veterans’ job training programs, only to find very few that would translate into a job after the training. I found the General Richard B Myers Program offered at Medisend College and contacted the school. The first person I talked to was Nick Hallack to get more information pertaining to the school and its curriculum. I was surprised to find out the school was very similar to the BMET program that the military personnel is trained for. The whole staff at Medisend was very helpful throughout the entire application process. The moment I arrived they made me feel at home and addressed whatever needs I might have so I could achieve success in the program. It was such a family atmosphere that it became infectious to the students as well.

As a veteran, there are different challenges you face versus a traditional student. Some of us have been on deployments or been in traumatic situations so we may require additional resources to cope with certain situations and stress. Medisend made sure we always had access to those appropriate resources if they were needed. If you had any personal issues the instructors or administration would never turn you away and were eager to assist you. The instructors went above and beyond to make sure you understood the material and encouraged you to ask questions. They really helped you gain confidence, which is vital for some veterans because it’s harder to transition back into civilian life if you served any length of time. I recently received a job offer from Siemens as a Field Service Engineer in San Francisco, and it is only because I enrolled in this program. The curriculum aligns with the current industry standards which enabled me to get a job with a higher starting salary. It also is a program that can be done in six months and allow the veteran to not incur debt in order to finish. Coming to Medisend College has changed my life and set me on course for a good sustainable career. There are several programs that boast about putting veterans back to work, but this program really yields results. This program had a profound effect on my life, and I believe more veterans should have the opportunity to attend.

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  • I like that you said that working in a good veterans program can help you get into the biomedical engineering technology. My sister wants to start his training on the use of biomedical technology. I’m going to suggest to her, starting working in the veterans community.

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