General Richard B. Myers Veterans Program

Associate of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering Technology

Medisend College believes you deserve the best education and career opportunities possible. Much like the military training programs you are familiar with, our intensive 6-month Associate Degree Program gives you the tools and skills required to achieve a successful career as a biomedical technician/field engineer in the healthcare industry.


Our Associate of Applied Science Degree prepares students for technologically advanced job employment. It includes 36 semester credit hours of core technology courses (BMET Certificate), and 9 semester credit hours of advanced technical courses (Electives). All hands-on technology courses must be taken at Medisend College, in Dallas TX. The remaining 15 hours of General Education can be taken online with Kansas State University Polytechnic.

  • CETT 1403 DC Circuits
  • CETT 1405 AC Circuits 
  • CETT 1429 Solid State Devices 
  • BIOM 2301 Safety in Healthcare Facilities 
  • BIOM 1355 Medical Electronic Applications 
  • BIOM 1341 Medical Circuits Troubleshooting 
  • BIOM 1309 Applied Biomedical Equipment Technology
  • BIOM 2339 Physiological Instruments II 
  • BIOM 1350 Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging Systems 
  • BIOM 2331 Biomedical Clinical Instrumentation 
  • BIOM 2343 General Medical Equipment II
  • ITSC 1325 Personal Computer Hardware – 3 SCH
  • ITNW 1325 Fundamentals of Networking Technologies – 3 SCH
  • BIOM 1315 Medical Equipment Networks – 3 SCH
  • ITSC 1309 Integrated Software Applications – 3 SCH
  • CETT 1325 Digital Fundamentals – 3 SCH
  • BIOM 2319 Fundamentals of X-ray and Medical Imaging Systems – 8 SCH
  • ENGL 1301 English 
  • MATH 1314 Mathematics
  • PHIL 1301 Philosophy 
  • PSYC 2301 Psychology 
  • BIOL 1408 Biology 

Medisend College will evaluate all credits from all post-secondary institutions, colleges and university previously attended by a student and may grant credit for college courses completed. 

Admission Requirements

 Approved for VA Benefits: How to Apply

  • VA benefits, click here.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation benefits, click here.
  • Certificate of Eligibility – click here to apply for COE online 

Program Start Dates

Spring Class – April 8th, 2019
Summer Class – June 10th, 2019 
Fall Class – August 19th, 2019 

*Dates are subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions

Please go to our FAQ page for questions that are commonly asked about the Program. e.g. How long are the courses?, What time do classes begin and end every day? etc… 

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