Frequently Asked Questions /Veterans

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No. All technology courses (45 SCH) are held in Medisend College classrooms and laboratories, and general education courses (15 SCH) are provided by Kansas State University.

No, all technology courses are taught in Medisend College classrooms and laboratories. The only courses that may be taken online are general education courses. 

Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Classes/cohorts all begin at the same time, and complete the program at the same time, with a class size typically 6-12 students.

No. You may submit (upload) a copy of your transcript with your online application in order to start the enrollment process. In order to officially evaluate and transfer any credits, we will need an official transcript directly from the college or university you attended. It can be emailed to, or mailed to:
Medisend College
9244 Markville Dr.
Dallas, TX 75025
Fax: (214)570-0984

Form DD214, Joint Services Transcript (JST), Certificate of Eligibility (COE). If you do not have a COE, please click here to apply (takes up to 30 days to process). Documents can be uploaded with the online application. 

The BMET Certificate Program is 5 months of core technology courses.

The Associate of Applied Science Degree Program is 6 months of technology courses, including the BMET Certificate and 9 SCH of advanced technology (electives). In addition to the 6 months of technology courses, there is a requirement of 15 SCH or 5 courses of general education. These courses can be taken prior to enrolling in the AAS or after completion of the technology courses.

The BMET Certificate Program will use 5 months and the AAS Program will use 6 months if you have already completed 15 hours of transferable general education. 

All Tuition and Fees can be paid by the combination of Post 9/11 GI Bill® (100%), the Yellow Ribbon Program and a General Richard B. Myers Matching Grant. There are no additional program costs to veterans who are qualified for the above benefits. 

BMET Certificate Program:

Tuition:                  $49,750
Admission Fee:         $250
Total:                      $50,000

Associate Degree Program
Tuition:                  $62,250
Admission Fee:         $250
Total:                      $62,500

Yes, while you are attending either program you will receive $1929 a month from the VA as housing allowance. In the first month of each year (August-September) in which you attend full-time, you will also receive a one-time book allowance of $1,000. GI Bill® Comparison Tool

Yes. We have 2-bedroom furnished apartments, all bills paid, for $650 a month for the 5-6 months duration that you are enrolled. The apartments are 5 minutes walking distance from the school.

Yes. Please contact our Student Services Coordinator for more information on how to apply.

Yes. Our goal is to give you the best education and job placement opportunities possible. We will help you with your resume and introduce you to as many of our industry partners as possible. We cannot guarantee jobs, but we have been very fortunate to experience almost 100% job placement with high-profile partners.

Medisend College has a partnership agreement with Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus to accept all of the credit hours of the Associate Degree into a range of bachelor degrees, including Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Information Technology Management and Healthcare Technology Management.