With winds of more than 300 kph, a “monster” cyclone tore through the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu this week causing widespread devastation as authorities declared a state of emergency. The first aid teams to reach Vanuatu describe the situation as catastrophic.

MediSend stands ready to support the medical teams and healthcare workers in Vanuatu. We are already preparing containers of critically needed medical supplies for the worst affected areas. But, we need your help! Thanks to you, we have supported West Africa throughout the Ebola crisis and, with your generosity we helped rebuild a hospital in Taclaban, Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. You allowed us to be one of the first on the ground in Haiti following the devastating earthquake. Now, Vanuatu needs our help and we are asking that you once again open your hearts so that we can respond quickly to this terrible tragedy.

Please help us to reduce suffering and to speed up the process of rebuilding Vanuatu’s community health and, as always, to send hope and save lives!