Social Toolkit for Partners

Partners are some of the strongest advocates for how Medisend International and Medisend College is working to create opportunities for education, job growth, and humanitarian aid in the healthcare industry. Your support via social media helps to share the values and opportunities that Medisend Partnership’s can create. We hope you will use your social platforms to share the great work that will happen through your efforts.

Social Media

Please find below some social media tips for talking about Medisend on your social channels.   

Where to Follow Us

How to Mention Us

  • On Twitter, please mention @Medisend and give context to how our partnership contributes value to the veteran and healthcare community.
  • On Facebook, please tag Medisend in posts by first liking the page and then tagging it by using the ‘@’ sign and selecting Medisend from your list of friends and likes.
  • On LinkedIn, please either mention @MedisendCollegeOfBiomedicalEngineeringTechnology or tag us in your image by typing MedisendCollegeOfBiomedicalEngineeringTechnology in the search bar.
  • Please use #MedisendCollege primarily; other hashtags you could use include #wegetjobs and other hashtags relevant to services you provide (example: #Veterans; #BMETtraining, #BMET; #VeteranJobs and #VeteranEducation or #Humanitarian; #medisendAid) or location hashtags (#Dallas; #Houston).


  • Take photos or short videos at events showing your role and commitment to the partnership.
  • Please share the imagery on your social platforms, tagging the college and any other partners.
  • Photos on smart phones or with digital cameras work really well.  It’s okay if it’s not a formal picture – we’d love to see any candid shots.
  • For photos intended for Twitter, take the photo horizontally. For photos intended for Facebook and Instagram, vertical images are best.