Six Developing Countries To Benefit from the MediSend Biomedical Repair Training Program


medisend-logo-pr.pngTrainees from Kazakhstan, Chad, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Cameroon and Nigeria comprise MediSend’s 2010 Fall/Winter Session representing the most diverse class to-date.

pr122-1.jpgThe MediSend Biomedical Repair Training Program™ was created in response to the critical worldwide lack of skilled biomedical technicians. Since 2007, MediSend has helped solve this shortage by training and returning 52 BMET biomedical repair technicians to their home-country hospitals, many of whom are the first such professionals in their country. Trainees, including men and women from Kazakhstan, Chad, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Cameroon and Nigeria, have arrived at the Elisabeth Dahan Humanitarian Center, MediSend’s global headquarters in Dallas, Texas to begin the MediSend 2010 Fall/Winter session.

The trainees will spend six months studying an intensive biomedical technologies curriculum, and will graduate with the professional skills to install, repair and maintain a full range of basic biomedical equipment found in developing country hospitals. Each trainee’s hospital will also receive the MediSend Mobile Biomedical Equipment Test and Repair Kit™ designed to meet the specific needs of developing country hospitals and containing over 4000 test, repair and calibration tools and supply items.

The Kit gives hospitals the ability to repair equipment in their own laboratory, rather than relying on manufacturers or third party repair technicians which can take months and often at prohibitive costs.

pr122-2.jpg“MediSend is dedicated to achieving sustainable improvement in developing country hospitals through education and professional training. MediSend biomedical technicians return to their hospitals with critical biomedical repair skills and the confidence to assume leadership roles in their communities,” said Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend International.

Sponsors of the 2010 Fall/Winter session of MediSend’s Biomedical Repair Training Program include ExxonMobil, Strasburger & Price Law Firm, The Idea Foundation and The MediSend Biomedical Scholarship Fund. ExxonMobil originally funded the MediSend Biomedical Training and Repair Laboratories, and continues to be an ardent supporter of MediSend’s mission worldwide.

For information on sponsoring the biomedical program for a developing country hospital: Your support means a future of better healthcare for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

About MediSend
MediSend International is a global leader and innovator in transforming healthcare systems in developing countries. MediSend is a 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian organization with a mission to provide health systems strengthening programs that are specifically designed to meet the needs and challenges of developing country hospitals. Programs include essential professional training and education in biomedical technologies, technical support, the design of biomedical repair laboratories, and the distribution of donated medical supplies, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.