Senator Roshan Bharucha of Pakistan Voices Appreciation to Dallas-based MediSend International for $1.5 Million in Medical Relief


At $135 billion, Katrina was by far the costliest disaster of 2005 in terms of property damage, but in terms of people killed, injured or displaced, the devastating earthquake on October 8th, 2005 and the snow, avalanches and floods in Pakistan were far more horrific. Over 75,000 people died, with hundreds of thousands left suffering in the direst of circumstances. With homes and infrastructure destroyed, massive numbers of people were left to survive the harsh winter in emergency camps, with scarce supplies, and in many cases with little or no emergency medical care. The misery and desperation continues now.

Dallas-based MediSend International heeded the call for help and responded to Pakistan’s cry for assistance. In a partnership with Dallas-based ESI Estech Systems, Inc and Australia-based BHP Billiton, MediSend shipped over $1.5 million in emergency mobile medical kits to field hospitals working in Jehlum Valley, Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Balakot, as well as to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Islamabad. National Freight transported three forty foot containers loaded with the medical and surgical supplies and equipment to Houston, where Pakistan Airlines airlifted the goods to Islamabad for delivery to field camps in the remote mountainous areas of Pakistan. Each container held six emergency mobile medical kits, designed by MediSend to meet the specific needs of the camps in order to set up temporary clinics.

Under the forceful watch of Pakistan Senator Roshan Bharucha, and with coordinated help from her cousin, MediSend board member Barry Irani, along with the World Health Organization, the MediSend shipments reached the remote emergency mountain camps promptly. Often in emergency situations, the flow of aid is difficult for the recipient areas to handle. In this case, the Senator’s vigilance secured the success of the shipment.

On behalf of the people and government of Pakistan, Senator Bharucha paid a “thank you” visit to MediSend International’s global headquarters on July 14th. Senator Bharucha is Chairperson of the Pakistan Senate Standing Committee on Health, and is an advisor to President Musharif on such matters.

Senator Bharucha recounted the story of the delivery of MediSend’s much needed shipment of supplies, “Because of MediSend’s successful communications and organizational skills, the shipment arrived in a timely and targeted manner. The mobile medical kits were designed perfectly to suit our emergency needs and were immediately usable by medical personnel in the field. The containers were filled with items essential to the medical emergency needs of our people. So much of what is sent in these situations is well-intended, but either not appropriate for the circumstances or not usable – we needed the basic medical and surgical equipment provided by MediSend. Doctors, nurses, and patients are still offering prayers and thanks to MediSend.”

Senator Bharucha took a tour of the extensive MediSend headquarters located in North Dallas, followed by a luncheon with select community leaders including MediSend International President and CEO Nick Hallack, Eric Suder, Jean-Claude Saada, and Barry Irani. Dallas City Councilman Bill Blaydes presented a personal proclamation from Dallas Mayor Laura Miller, acknowledging Senator Bharucha’s efforts in cooperation with MediSend to bring hope and healing to the people of Pakistan.

?The Senator described the importance of MediSend’s work with so much personal and heartfelt appreciation that it left each of us wanting to do more.? said Eric Suder, CEO of ESI Estech Systems, Inc., who along with BHP Billiton sponsored the Pakistan shipments. ESI Estech Systems, Inc. also funded a shipment to the tsunami victims in Sri Lanka last year.

With the help of strategic partners such as manufacturers, distributors and hospital systems that donate medical supplies and equipment, MediSend International provides shipments of medical aid to pre-qualified public and charitable institutions in impoverished developing countries. In these areas, doctors and medical practitioners are desperate for even the simplest items such as surgical gloves or clean syringes. With generous support from corporate sponsors such as ExxonMobil, BHP Billiton, PEMEX, Cambridge, Inc. and ESI Estech Systems, Inc., MediSend is able to send shipments around the world to help ease the suffering of those in dire need of medical attention. MediSend collaborates with in-country NGO’s (non-government organizations) such as the World Health Organization, Save the Children, the International Red Cross, United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP) and Cure International to insure that goods arrive at their intended destination in good condition, and more importantly that they are used for the benefit of those with the greatest needs.

While MediSend is best known for the establishment of long-term sustainable healthcare, education and training programs in host countries, emergency relief and aid are also part of MediSend’s global mission. Individuals or organizations wanting to help should call MediSend International at 214-575-5006 or visit