MediSend International Inspires ‘Green-Thinking’ Domestically and in Developing Countries


Award-Winning Organization is Committed to Environmental Responsibility

MediSend International turns surplus medical supplies and equipment into hope and healing for developing nations by redeploying medical surplus from hospitals and distributors in the US to hospitals and clinics in developing countries. MediSend’s mission alone contributes to a greener world. Moreover, the non-profit humanitarian organization has an abiding commitment to eliminating waste and protecting the environment.

A two-time winner of the Dallas County Corporate Recycling Vision Award, MediSend has also twice received the Gary Mauro Award of Distinction presented by the State of Texas for creating an environmentally conscious program worthy of notice.

Biomedical equipment and medical supplies in original packaging, routinely replaced by hospitals and manufacturers, often sit in storage or, even worse, find their way into landfills. MediSend employs its CIO-100 Award-winning donation and tracking technology system to manage the online recovery, distribution and reporting of usable medical supplies and biomedical equipment to partnering hospitals and clinics in developing countries.

In 2007 alone, MediSend shipped approximately 250 tons of medical supplies and biomedical equipment that could have gone “to waste”. Working in some of the poorest areas in the world such as Angola, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and India, and in other countries where health conditions are some of the world’s worst, MediSend is “recycling” with compassion.

“Everyday MediSend saves lives with medical devices that might otherwise have been discarded,” says Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend, “MediSend is proud of its record in environmental responsibility and humanitarian commitments.”pr81.jpg

In 2006, MediSend opened a Biomedical Repair Laboratory where donated biomedical equipment is repaired and maintained for use in developing hospital systems that might not have access to such modern diagnostic and treatment technology. Funded by the ExxonMobil Foundation as part of the ExxonMobil Africa Health Initiative, MediSend’s Biomedical Repair Training Program creates sustainability by enabling trainees from developing countries to return home with the skills to repair and maintain life-saving biomedical equipment. Biomedical equipment calibrated and in good repair is less hazardous to both humans and the environment. The laboratory maintains a lead-free environment and employs a lead-free technology in all electronic processes.

The trainees are educated in the safe handling and proper disposal of medical and hazardous waste, often bi-products of diagnostics and treatment. Trainees are encouraged to help make the environment cleaner and safer by the use of bio-degradable materials, reduction of the use of PVC/DEPH, eliminating mercury, and the recycling of materials such as metal, plastic and paper.

As an organization, MediSend encourages employees to be mindful of the environment. Thanks to MediSend’s innovative technology, all operations are virtually “paperless”; all mailings are sent on recycled paper in recycled packaging; recycling is encouraged and facilitated with easy access to recycling receptacles; waste is minimized with an emphasis on re-using rather than replacing.

“MediSend has a culture of environmental responsibility,” says Hallack, “Employees, biomedical-trainees and volunteers all join in the commitment to participate in sustainable efforts to improve the quality of life for people around the world and for generations to come.”

About MediSend International
MediSend International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit humanitarian organization that provides medical aid and education to people in need in developing countries worldwide. MediSend’s global mission includes the distribution of medical supplies and equipment in long-term medical aid programs disaster-emergency medical relief campaigns and educational programs in Biomedical Equipment Repair.