Meet Jason Maiasa, a MediSend biomedical technician trainee from Papua New Guinea


MediSend technician trainee, Jason Maiasa, works for the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research. The Institute focuses on the major healthcare problems of Papua New Guinea – respiratory diseases, malaria, sexual health, malnutrition, enteric diseases, and women’s health. Jason is responsible for the biomedical equipment in the Institute’s three branches. (Watch Jason’s video) His training in the 2012 MediSend Biomedical Repair Training Program™ was made possible by a generous grant from ExxonMobil and Esso Highlands in Papua New Guinea. Jason is pictured (on the left) with Jhon Romero, a MediSend technician trainee from Peru’s National Institute of Neoplastic Disease.

Hello! My name is Jason Maiasa and I am a technician trainee in MediSend’s Biomedical Repair Training Program™. I work for the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research and am very proud to have been selected to take this intense training at MediSend. I am a 31 year old Papua New Guinean and, though born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I have spent all my life in PNG and have never ventured out of my country for longer than 2 weeks. When I return to my home next month, I will have been in Dallas, Texas for six months. It has been hard to be separated from my family for such a long time, but what I will take back to Papua New Guinea makes it worthwhile.

I have two little girls, Talitha (8) and Abigale (3). My wife, Sharon Jamea, is the project manager for the Institute’s malaria project. We live in Goroka in the Eastern Highland Province of Papua New Guinea. The headquarters of the Institute is located there, but there are also branches in Madang and Maprik. I am responsible for the clinical laboratory equipment and also the specialized biomedical analyzers in all three locations.

My country takes great pride in the Institute and the important work it does to search for cures and improve treatment for the many terrible illnesses that afflict Papua New Guineans. MediSend’s training program has given me the knowledge, professional skills and confidence to make significant improvements in my institute and the healthcare system in PNG.

My experience at MediSend has also been a cultural and international experience. I am in a class with trainees from Haiti, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Peru. Each of us has come from very different cultures, but we have all bonded and formed friendships we will never forget. We have all learned to become professional biomedical technicians while at MediSend, but we have also learned much about other countries and cultures from one another.

There are no words to express my gratitude to my sponsors Esso Highlands and ExxonMobil, and to MediSend for this opportunity. I am anxious to return to Papua New Guinea and begin using what I have learned, knowing that I can have a positive, lasting effect on healthcare in my community and throughout my country.