MediSend Welcomes Trainees from Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Papua New Guinea, Peru and Haiti


This week ten new technician trainees arrived in Dallas to begin the MediSend Biomedical Repair Training Program™.

Dallas, TX. January 26, 2012 — A new group of technician trainees from developing-country hospitals has arrived at the Elisabeth Dahan Humanitarian Center, MediSend’s global headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Following a week of English immersion, the trainees will experience “biomedical boot-camp”, a six-month, non-stop training program designed to rapidly return professional biomedical technicians to hospitals in desperate need of their skills.

Often, in these hospitals, no one knows how to install, repair, maintain or even properly operate essential diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. In a program unique to MediSend, a proprietary curriculum enables graduates to provide critical support to doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, and provide guidance to them on how to properly use complex biomedical equipment.


“As part of our mission, MediSend ships medical supplies and biomedical equipment to emerging country hospitals. It is, however, our education and training programs that are providing sustainable progress to improve overall healthcare in the communities we serve.” says Nick Hallack, MediSend President and CEO adding, “Bringing the trainees to MediSend enables us to expose them to US standards and procedures. They see the need for change in their hospitals and we prepare them to make it.”

As part of MediSend’s curriculum and through a partnership with Baylor Health Care System, the trainees participate in an internship where they work alongside professional biomedical technicians in a high-level, clinical hospital environment.

MediSend returns each graduate technician to his or her hospital with a MediSend Mobile Biomedical Equipment Test and Repair Kit™. The Kit contains over 4000 laboratory supply items, including essential repair tools and state-of-the-art test and calibration equipment typically unavailable in developing-country hospitals, enabling the technicians to begin accomplishing critical tasks immediately. The Kits are designed to withstand harsh conditions such as temperature, humidity and unstable energy and are created specifically for each country’s electrical system.

Over the past five years, MediSend has returned 78 professionally trained biomedical repair technicians to 14 countries around the world. The latest group of technician trainees has arrived at MediSend with the commitment and determination to join previous graduates as leaders in their hospitals and as ambassadors for change in the quality of healthcare in their communities.

“Many of these trainees have never left their countries. We are always impressed at how quickly they adapt to their new surroundings, bond with classmates from cultures so different from their own, and display dedication from day one. We welcome this latest group of remarkable trainees!” says Hallack