MediSend Trainees Tour Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas


On June 5th, Presbyterian Hospital Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs) welcomed MediSend trainees from Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea and Peru.

Trainees from MediSend’s Biomedical Repair Training Program™ recently spent the day touring Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. After six months of intensive instruction and preparation at MediSend, the trainees were able to watch the practical application of their training by experienced biomedical repair technicians in a modern U.S. hospital. Texas Health Dallas BMETs gave their time to offer the trainees an informative tour of the hospital, its equipment and their biomedical repair shop.

Timothy Jones, Presbyterian Hospital BMET, conducts
the tour for MediSend technician trainees.


If biomedical equipment is broken or not working properly, life-saving procedures cannot take place or must be postponed to the detriment of the patient. The MediSend trainees are trained not only in repair and installation but in solid maintenance programs and scheduling. They witnessed these procedures applied by Presbyterian Hospital’s BMETs in a large hospital complex. The experience served to emphasize the importance of the biomedical repair profession as the foundation and underpinning of a hospital’s live-saving work.

The trainees from Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea and Peru will be all back in their hospitals by July with critical new skills and the determination to elevate standards and improve biomedical equipment repair procedures. With this class, MediSend has returned 88 professional-trained BMETs to 15 countries around the world.

Each trainee’s hospital is equipped with the MediSend Mobile Biomedical Test and Repair Kit™ containing the tools and supplies that they will need to successfully implement their new skills.

About MediSend
MediSend International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides innovative programs and solutions that strengthen community healthcare in developing countries, including the professional training, certification and equipping of biomedical repair technicians and the distribution of medical supplies and biomedical equipment. MediSend’s Global Education Center and distribution facility are located in the Elisabeth Dahan Humanitarian Center, MediSend’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

About Texas Health Resources
Texas Health Resources is one of the largest faith-based, nonprofit health care delivery systems in the United States and the largest in North Texas in terms of patients served. The system’s primary service area consists of 16 counties in north central Texas, home to more than 6.2 million people. Texas Health has 24 acute-care and short-stay hospitals that are owned, operated, joint-ventured or affiliated with the system. It has more than 3,800 licensed beds, employs more than 21,500 people, and counts more than 5,500 physicians* with active staff privileges at its hospitals.