MediSend ships desperately needed medical supplies to Philippines.


Typhoon Yolanda has fallen out of the headlines, but the people of the Philippines continue to suffer its aftereffects and a painfully slow recovery.

Hardest hit was the highly populated seaside city of Tacloban, left virtually in ruins. During the height of the 2013 storm, a doctor at the Tacloban City Hospital single-handedly continued treating patients until the roof of the hospital was blown away and most of the supplies were destroyed. Overcome by emotion and exhaustion, I am told that he wept openly when the first shipment of aid arrived. The hospital has been using tarps as temporary roofing material while still managing to take care of patients, even in dire circumstances. Roof repairs have only now begun.

Thanks to our good friends, Strasburger Law Firm, ESI-Estech Systems, MedSynergies, SB International and MAP International, MediSend is shipping Tacloban City Hospital a 40 foot ocean container filled with critically needed medical supplies. While the shipment will help replenish the hospital’s badly depleted resources, there is still so much need.

Hospitals and clinics throughout Tacloban lost their reserves to the storm and the ensuing tidal surge. The storm exacerbated the numerous diseases indigenous to the area and brought new problems such as injuries and tetanus from the rubble. Families experienced all the horrors of the typhoon and are still experiencing its cruel aftermath.

MediSend is hoping to continue to replenish much needed resources, but we need your help. Please open your hearts to families desperately in need and help MediSend ship more medical supplies to Tacloban today!

Thanks to each of you for helping MediSend in its mission. With your ongoing support, we will continue in the tradition of Sending Hope and Saving Lives.

Nick Hallack
President & CEO
MediSend International
214.575.5006 #112