MediSend Partners with AirLink to Deliver 10 Tons of Medical Supplies to Sierra Leone


MediSend is now able to deliver supplies to stricken areas in days rather than weeks thanks to AirLink.

Dallas, TX. December 16, 2014 – In an ongoing campaign to support the fight against Ebola in West Africa, humanitarian organization MediSend International has shipped 20,000 pounds of desperately needed medical supplies to Sierra Leone.

NFI Industries transported the supplies from the Elisabeth Dahan Humanitarian Center, MediSend’s headquarters in Dallas, to Chicago where AirLink’s Air Bridge to West Africa then airlifted them to Sierra Leone. Airlink is a 24/7 humanitarian response organization that links airlines and qualified non-profits.The Air Bridge shortened the time to the crisis areas from eight weeks by ocean freight to ten days.

“This allows us to get our emergency supplies to those in need much faster than shipping by sea,” says Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend International adding, “Although Ebola is no longer dominating the news, families in West Africa are still losing loved ones to the deadly virus. Even after Ebola is under control, the healthcare systems in West Africa will need an incredible amount of support to recover and reconstruct.”

MediSend has been supporting hospitals and clinics in Sierra Leone and Liberia since the beginning of the outbreak and, according to Hallack, will continue as long as supplies and funding are available. The organization has supported emergency relief efforts around the world since 1990.

About MediSend
Founded in 1990, MediSend is a multi-faceted organization with a singular mission: improving community health. In 2006, MediSend coupled the delivery of supplies and equipment to developing country hospitals with the training of professional biomedical equipment repair technicians (BMETs) and opened the MediSend Biomedical Equipment Technology School™. The General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Technology Program™ was launched in 2013 to offer MediSend’s comprehensive BMET training program to post 9-11 veterans. Certified by the Texas Workforce Commission as a Career School and College, MediSend offers a unique five month program in state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories. The Biomedical Equipment Technology (BMET) Program is approved by the US BMET Board of Examiners and the US Certification Commission.