MediSend International Trains Nigeria Technicians to Build National Healthcare Capacity


MediSend International, a global leader in building technical capacity for healthcare systems, is assisting Nigeria in the development of a national biomedical technologies initiative through a program of professional training and ongoing technical support.

Thanks to a series of grants from the ExxonMobil Foundation, 50 Nigerian trainees have successfully completed the MediSend Biomedical Equipment Technology Program® over the past six years. The graduates are now working at Nigerian hospitals as highly skilled biomedical equipment repair technicians. The initiative is a key part of Nigeria’s ongoing development of a safe and reliable health care system in the country.

“ExxonMobil’s support of the biomedical equipment technology program is an investment in the people of Nigeria,” said Paul Arinze, public and government affairs manager for ExxonMobil affiliates in Nigeria. “Building capacity within the country is a goal that our company shares with all Nigerians.”

As part of the initiative, Nigerian graduates of the MediSend Biomedical Equipment Technology Program are redeployed to their country after six months of intensive training and practical application.To view a video featuring 2012 graduate Idris Ubaidu commenting on his participation in the program, click here.

Nigerian Biomed
Nigerian trainees in MediSend’s Biomedical Technology Laboratory


“The government of Nigeria is committed to improving health care for its people,” said Dr. Oluwole Akande, chairman of the Presidential Project Implementation Committee of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Teaching Hospitals Rehabilitation Project. “MediSend has assisted in progressing Nigeria’s health care capacity by providing well-trained biomedical repair technicians and laboratories to our hospitals. MediSend has empowered these key individuals with the competencies, confidence and leadership skills to make a measurable impact on their hospitals and communities, and has given us a strong foundation for continued advancement.”

With the core belief that investing in education and technology is paramount to achieving transformational change, MediSend has developed a unique, sustainable model that includes professional training and the critical tools, support and technology needed to be effective.

“We are proud of, but not surprised by the success of MediSend’s program in Nigeria,” says Nick Hallack, president and CEO of MediSend International. “It is specifically designed to assure outcomes and to deliver measurable results. The women and men that we have returned to Nigerian hospitals were trained to strengthen the foundation for ongoing progress in healthcare technology and they are accomplishing this throughout the country.”

The MediSend Biomedical Equipment Technology Program® is approved by the U.S. BMET Board of Examiners and the United States Certification Commission. Since 2006, MediSend has trained and equipped professional biomedical repair technicians for 17 countries worldwide.