MediSend International Supplies AIMS.NET Technology To Developing Country Hospitals


MediSend International develops and implements sustainable programs to improve healthcare in developing countries, including biomedical equipment repair training, technical support and the provision of medical supplies and equipment. An important part of the ongoing support provided by MediSend is the hosting of Phoenix Data System’s Asset Information Management System (AIMS.NET) in partner hospitals in developing countries. Phoenix Data Systems has licensed the web-based medical equipment management system to MediSend for use in humanitarian programs worldwide.

“AIMS is a complete and highly user-friendly system for managing all types of assets found in healthcare institutions. Phoenix Data Systems is proud to have provided MediSend with such a valuable tool in support of their humanitarian efforts in developing country hospitals,” said Ben Mannisto, President and CEO of Phoenix Data Systems.

MediSend offers the AIMS.NET software and its management to every technician graduating from the MediSend Biomedical Equipment Repair Program. The system allows the technicians to return to their hospitals with the ability to identify and inventory equipment, as well as to evaluate its condition and set up repair and maintenance schedules. MediSend graduates are currently working in hospitals in Angola, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and India. MediSend will soon be sending graduate technicians to hospitals in Chad and Liberia.

Widely recognized for the use of technology to forward its mission, MediSend has received the venerable CIO 100 Award for three consecutive years for demonstrating innovative application of IT to improve healthcare systems in developing countries throughout the world.

“At MediSend, we believe in maximizing every means at our disposal to help people desperately in need of healthcare. The AIMS.NET system provides us with an additional way to elevate the level of care that can be provided to these populations,” said Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend International.

About MediSend:

MediSend is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports under-resourced hospitals in developing countries with a multi-dimensional approach to improving community health. MediSend’s mission includes education, training, technical support and management technologies in Biomedical Equipment Repair, as well as the distribution of life-saving medical supplies and biomedical equipment in long-term partnership programs.

About Phoenix Data Systems, Inc.

Phoenix Data Systems, Inc. is the sole manufacturer and developer of the AIMS Equipment Maintenance Management Software. Phoenix Data is a privately held corporation that was first organized by its present CEO in 1974 as a custom software developer. Phoenix developed a methodology for creating solutions that work – from design to execution. Phoenix Data has been dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry since 1990.