MediSend International Sending Medical Equipment and Supplies to Africa


As part of ongoing programs in developing country hospitals, MediSend International is shipping medical supplies and equipment to Bangladesh, Kenya and Equatorial Guinea.

MediSend International continues to be a leader in the advancement of healthcare in developing countries. 2009 shipments have begun leaving MediSend destined for some of the world’s poorest countries. Generous donors have sponsored ocean-going containers filled with biomedical and surgical equipment and medical supplies en route to hospitals in Bangladesh, Kenya and Equatorial Guinea. The shipments are in support of innovative, long-term programs that MediSend establishes with partner hospitals including biomedical training, customer and technical support and medical aid distribution.

Distribution of medical aid is only a part of MediSend’s comprehensive campaign to improve healthcare in developing countries worldwide. MediSend’s Biomedical Repair Training Program, the first program designed specifically to meet the biomedical equipment needs and challenges of developing country hospitals, trains students to return to their home-country hospitals with the skills necessary to maintain and repair the life-saving biomedical equipment. The 2009 Spring–Summer session has just begun at Dallas-based MediSend’s Global Education Center with students from Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Chad and Liberia.

MediSend has been assisting in Equatorial Guinea for over five years. Thanks to the generosity of the ExxonMobil Foundation , three graduates from the MediSend Biomedical Repair Training Program are already working in hospitals there with a fourth currently training in the 2009 Spring-Summer session. The ExxonMobil Foundation has sponsored the current shipments of biomedical equipment and medical supplies that will be distributed to the District Hospitals of Bata, Evinayong, and Mbini in Equatorial Guinea.

ESI Estech Systems Inc. has partnered with MediSend in a long-term program for the impoverished country of Bangladesh and funded the recent shipments. The Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed, the only hospital of its kind in the country, will receive medical equipment such as treatment chairs, pulse oximeters, bone fixators, electric beds, and electrocardiographs, as well as rehabilitation supplies. The National Institute for Traumatology and Orthopedic Rehabilitation (NITOR), a 500-bed orthopedic and trauma hospital and teaching institute, will receive highly specialized orthopedic surgical tools as well as medical supplies and biomedical equipment.

The Dahan Family Foundation sponsored the current shipments to MEWA Medical Centre, an inpatient/outpatient hospital providing primary and curative medical services in Mombasa, Kenya. MEWA Medical Centre is the recipient of vital biomedical equipment, as well as medical and surgical supplies.

“The specialized training and transfer of skills offered by our biomedical repair training program create a truly sustainable outcome in combination with medical aid distribution,” says Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend, “The medical equipment and supplies we ship from MediSend are vital for these desperately poor hospitals and we are very grateful to our generous sponsors. The progress that we are experiencing with this program is truly inspiring.”

About MediSend
MediSend is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, humanitarian organization that provides healthcare products, services and support to hospitals in developing countries worldwide, including medical aid, healthcare education and technology to people in need. MediSend’s global mission includes educational and training programs in Biomedical Technology and Healthcare Technologies, as well as the distribution of medical supplies and biomedical equipment in long-term and disaster relief programs.