MediSend International Prepares Shipments of Medical Supplies and Equipment for Lebanon Emergency Relief


MediSend International is issuing an urgent plea for medical supplies, equipment and funding for emergency medical relief for Lebanon. MediSend has emerged as a major resource for developing countries in need of emergency medical aid. The Dallas-based non-profit humanitarian organization has recently sent emergency shipments to areas suffering the overwhelming effects of disasters, such as Indonesia and Sri Lanka, as well as shipments with specially prepared medical field packs to the people of Pakistan following the devastating earthquake. MediSend is now preparing to deliver life-saving emergency medical supplies and equipment to Lebanon.

“We are in desperate need of emergency supplies,” says Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend. “We regularly ship to hospitals in developing countries with which we have long-term commitments, but with so many emergency situations, our inventory is incredibly taxed. We are urgently appealing to manufacturers, distributors and hospitals to provide medical supplies and equipment, and to financial partners to help fund the expenses entailed in providing emergency medical shipments.”

MediSend recently shipped three 40-foot containers packed with over 2 million retractable syringes donated by DuoPross Meditech Corporation, an innovative leader in developing intuitive, functional and cost-effective products for needle stick injury prevention of healthcare professionals across the world. Thanks to a grant from The Saada Foundation, one of the containers was delivered to a pediatric hospital near Beirut for the care and treatment of poor children. However, with so many Lebanese families now requiring immediate emergency medical attention, the supplies have been re-directed for use as emergency medical aid. The other two containers were delivered to hospitals in Angola and Equatorial Guinea thanks to the ExxonMobil Foundation as part of the ExxonMobil Africa Health Initiative.

“MediSend is already working in Lebanon,” says Jean-Claude Saada, Chairman of Dallas-based Cambridge Holdings, Inc., The Saada Foundation, and a MediSend board member. “They are working with established organizations such as the Lebanese Red Cross to insure that the relief will be distributed in a timely manner and will reach the intended individuals — those suffering from this terrible conflict.”

Today, Father Marwan Tabet, General Secretariat of Catholic Schools in Lebanon visited MediSend to make a plea for help on behalf of the children in Lebanon. “You cannot imagine the suffering that an entire country experiences when whole communities are displaced from their homes. It’s especially heartbreaking when so many innocent children are involved.”

“We have all logistics and operational systems in place for a successful relief effort,” says Hallack, “but we are in desperate need of donations of medical supplies and equipment.”

With generous support from corporate sponsors such as ExxonMobil, BHP Billiton, PEMEX, Cambridge Holdings, Inc., and ESI Estech Systems, Inc., MediSend is able to send shipments around the world to help ease the suffering of those in dire need of medical attention. MediSend collaborates with USAID and in-country NGOs (non-government organizations) such as the World Health Organization, Save the Children, the International Red Cross, United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP) and Cure International to insure that goods arrive at their intended destination in good condition, and more importantly that they are used for the benefit of those with the greatest needs.

While MediSend’s primary focus is establishing long-term sustainable healthcare, education and training programs in host countries, emergency relief is also part of MediSend’s global mission. Individuals or organizations wanting to help should call MediSend International at 214-575-5006 or visit