MediSend International Brings Together a Partnership to Deliver Life-Saving Medication to Tajikistan



This week, over $8 million of desperately needed anti-viral drugs were delivered to Tajikistan through the cooperation of MediSend, Marathon Oil Corporation and Project HOPE.

MediSend International partnered with Marathon Oil Corporation (NYSE: MRO), and Project HOPE to deliver 100,000 dosages of anti-viral medication to the people of Tajikistan. The medication, donated by Marathon, is valued at more than $8 million.

Tajikistan is one of the poorest countries in the world. Acquiring medicines is difficult or impossible for ordinary citizens and, in some areas one drug dispensary may serve as many as 20,000 people. Further, Tajikistan has no modern pharmaceutical plants. Thanks to MediSend and Project HOPE, the shipment of anti-viral drugs donated by Marathon was delivered to the Minister of Health in Tajikistan for distribution throughout the country. Project HOPE has had a long-term presence in Tajikistan where the need for these medications is great.

“MediSend takes great pride in its relationships. We know that it often takes several organizations working together to realize these opportunities. Marathon and Project HOPE, with its dedication to high standards in the delivery of medical products, were invaluable partners in this project,” said Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend International.

Marathon’s Medical Director Dr. Brian Linder added, “We’re pleased to see these supplies being put to use in Tajikistan where the medication is much needed. Marathon appreciates the efforts of MediSend, which was instrumental in bringing together the right partners to make this donation a success.”

MediSend and Marathon have a long-standing collaboration in delivering humanitarian and other social responsibility programs in developing countries. When Marathon contacted Nick Hallack with the offer of anti-viral medication, Hallack immediately called upon MediSend’s valued membership in the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD). Fellow PQMD member, Project HOPE, joined the undertaking to help facilitate the delivery to Tajikistan and manage the in-country distribution program.

“Project HOPE has delivered critically needed donated medicines and medical supplies to improve the health of underserved populations in Tajikistan over the past eight years,” said Patricia Bacuros Director, Gifts-In-Kind Development for Humanitarian Programs & Disaster Response for Project HOPE, “We are pleased to partner with MediSend and Marathon on this delivery, to help ensure the most impactful distribution of these lifesaving anti-viral medications.”

Strong working relationships and collaborations are indispensable, especially when working in developing countries. As a member of organizations such as The Clinton Global Initiative, PQMD and AAMI, MediSend has a history of building strong partnerships to maximize results for the countries in which it works.

“As a unique alliance of non-profit and corporate organizations committed to bringing measurable health impact to vulnerable and under-served people, we are pleased to have helped facilitate MediSend’s and Project HOPE’s collaboration on this donation to the people of Tajikistan,” says Lori Warrens, PQMD Executive Director.