MediSend International, BHP Billiton, and Estech Systems,Inc. Make Possible a $1.5 Million Shipment of Desperately Needed Medical Supplies to Pakistan


A Pakistan Airlines plane departed Houston Intercontinental on December 16th bound for Islamabad with over $1.5 million in desperately needed medical supplies and equipment. MediSend International, a Dallas-based non-profit with global influence, has made the life-saving shipment possible with the cooperation and generosity of Melbourne, Austalia-based BHP Billiton, the world’s largest diversified resources company, and Dallas-based Estech Systems,Inc., designers and manufacturers of innovative business telephone systems, as well as National Freight Industries who trucked the shipment from Dallas to Houston to begin the journey by air to Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are in desperate need of medical support and supplies following the devastating earthquake and after-shocks. A harsh winter is hampering the already slow-moving rescue and relief efforts.

BHP Billiton has taken a major initiative in Pakistan to relieve the suffering caused by the earthquake devastation. Prior to the tragic earthquakes, the company already had numerous community programs in place including drinking water, healthcare, education, and support for the social and economic advancement of women. Billiton has now partnered with MediSend in this greatly needed medical relief effort.

MediSend is collaborating with the World Health Organization in Islamabad to deliver the shipments to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital in Islamabad and to outlying communities and villages not served by the main hospital.

Barry Irani, MediSend’s Vice Chairman and a native of India, has worked tirelessly with contacts in Pakistan to facilitate the shipment to meet the need for supporting mobile, medical field clinics and hospitals in the earthquake ravaged country. The cooperation proves that during times of pain and suffering, the two countries can cooperate for the benefit of a common goal.

MediSend International is a non-profit agency that addresses the needs of areas worldwide that otherwise might be left with very limited medical resources or without even basic treatment. With the help of strategic partners such as manufacturers, distributors, and hospital systems that donate surplus usable medical supplies and equipment desperately needed in developing countries, MediSend provides shipments of medical aid to pre-qualified public and charitable institutions that offer medical services abroad. Often, in these areas, doctors and medical practitioners are desperate for the likes of even the simplest items such as surgical gloves or clean syringes.

After MediSend collects supplies and biomedical equipment, the items are sorted, inventoried, repaired and shipped. Generous support from corporate sponsors enables MediSend to send shipments around the world to help ease the suffering of those in dire need of medical attention.

While MediSend has provided long-term strategic medical aid to Tsunami victims in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India, as well as to Afghanistan, Angola, Iraq, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mexico, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Kenya, and Colombia, the three containers en route to Pakistan will be the largest relief effort that they have undertaken to date.

Sadly, every year in the US over nine billion dollars worth of usable new and used surplus medical equipment, supplies, and instruments ends up as environmental waste and landfill. MediSend International, has been quietly assuming a global role in the recovery and distribution of surplus medical supplies and equipment. Jane Goodall sits on the Board of Medisend International and last year Mary Jo Myers, wife of General Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, visited Dallas on MediSend’s behalf and was honored with the 2004 MediSend Humanitarian Award.

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