MediSend International and World Olympians Association Team Up to Support Reconstruction of Liberia’s Healthcare System


Two forty foot shipping containers filled with medical supplies are en route to Liberia in response to a plea from Liberian members of the World Olympians Association.

Dallas, TX. April 9, 2015 – Since the outbreak of Ebola in 2014, MediSend and the World Olympians Association have partnered to aid the people of West Africa. They have teamed up again to ship two forty-foot containers of critically needed medical supplies to Liberia. The shipments were co-sponsored by the Dahan Family Foundation, and are in response to an urgent plea from Liberian members of the World Olympians Association for help in the reconstruction of their country’s healthcare system. The two containers of medical supplies will be distributed among hospitals and clinics whose supplies have been seriously depleted by the epidemic.

“Our country is indebted to organizations like MediSend and the World Olympians Association for their compassion in helping Liberia and its neighbors afflicted with Ebola,” said Minister Matthew Flomo, Deputy Minister for Administration – Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, Liberia. “They have played a pivotal role in helping to reduce suffering and death, and ultimately bringing the disease under control. Liberia is now trying to recover and rebuild and we are eternally grateful to MediSend and World Olympians Association for their continued assistance.”

Since the virus outbreak, MediSend has shipped ten containers or sixty six tons of emergency medical supplies to Sierra Leone and Liberia.

“Our donors and partners have enabled MediSend to provide hope and healing to Liberian families and communities suffering from the Ebola epidemic. With continued generosity and support, we hope to provide ongoing aid and assistance to West Africa’s post-Ebola recovery efforts,” said Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend International.