MediSend International and UBICS Inc., Cooperate to Deliver International Aid and Educational Services More Efficiently


MediSend International, a global non-profit supplier of humanitarian medical aid, supplies, equipment and educational services, today announced that is has signed an agreement with UBICS, Inc. to provide outsourced applications’ development.

The outsourcing agreement is designed to allow MediSend International to focus on developing IT services that deliver international aid and educational services at lower costs, and in a fraction of the time, by leveraging up their outcomes with UBICS’s skilled and experienced project managers and application developers.

“This agreement allows us to focus on our core competencies to deliver greater value to our recipients. By working closely with our recipients and sponsors we can quickly develop prototypes and proof-of-concept applications that allow us to conduct expeditionary marketing at a fraction of the cost,” said Nick Hallack, CEO of MediSend International.

“Under this agreement, we are able scale-up our development efforts when the need arises without incurring the additional associated overhead,” explained Jeff Douglas, CIO of MediSend International. “In addition, UBICS, Inc.’s breadth and depth of technology experience allows us to become more agile and responsive in our relationships with sponsors, partners, suppliers and recipients.”

Under the agreement, UBICS will provide application development, quality and assurance and other components of the Medisend International product suite life cycle.

“We are delighted to start this key partnership in bringing our global sourcing experience, resulting in faster time to market and cost savings for Medisend International”, explained Sunil Patil, President of UBICS.

About MediSend International:
MediSend International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, humanitarian organization that provides medical aid and education to people in need in developing countries worldwide. MediSend’s global mission includes the distribution of medical supplies and equipment in long-term medical aid programs, disaster-emergency medical relief campaigns, and educational programs in Biomedical Equipment Repair and Healthcare Management. MediSend International has distributed more than 590 shipments of medical supplies and equipment, valued at over $72 million dollars to needy communities in 93 developing countries.

About UBICS:
UBICS, Inc., a global provider of integrated IT and BPO services, is an affiliate of The UB Group, a diversified business conglomerate with over $2 billion global revenue. Intellectual insight on emerging business trends and market forces that shape businesses has helped us apply domain expertise and technological advancements to develop flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for organizations world over.