MediSend Graduates Are Returning to Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan


These new biomedical technicians will elevate standards, implement change and use their newly acquired skills to install, repair and maintain life-saving biomedical equipment in their hospitals.

Graduates of the MediSend Fall 2012 Biomedical Equipment Technology Program™ are returning home to Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan dedicated to improving healthcare in their countries.

Fall 2012 Graduates
MediSend Fall 2012 Biomedical Equipment Technology
Program™ graduating class


When medical equipment requires maintenance or breaks down, lives are at risk. Patients may not receive vital care or urgently needed operations. The new graduates of MediSend’s Biomedical Equipment Technology Program™ will immediately begin supporting their hospitals by repairing and maintaining essential biomedical equipment.

Each of the graduates’ hospitals will be equipped with a MediSend Mobile Biomedical Equipment Test and Repair Kit™, containing over 4,000 laboratory repair tools, supply items and state-of-the-art test and calibration equipment critical to the repair and maintenance of biomedical typically found in hospitals and clinics in developing countries like Papua New Guinea, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

Since 2006, MediSend’s 95 graduate biomedical technicians have helped save countless lives and have prevented untold suffering in seventeen countries around the world. When Enayatullah Fayaz begins work at the Aschiana Childrens Center Clinic in Kabul, Afghanistan will become the eighteenth country to benefit from MediSend’s biomedical technology training programs.

The Fall 2012 graduation ceremony took place on December 7th at the home of Dr. Woodrow and Susan Gandy, and included a reception and buffet dinner in celebration of the graduates’ achievement. Dr. Gandy is a longtime board member and supporter of MediSend and its mission to build knowledge and technical capacity for healthcare systems so that they can deliver quality and trusted care to the people they serve.

MediSend’s Spring 2013 Biomedical Equipment Technology Program™ class will arrive in January.