MediSend and Mercy Ships Partner for the Africa Mercy


Essah Mawutohou Emmanuel is returning to the Africa Mercy, the humanitarian hospital ship moored off the west coast of Africa, where he will maintain and repair essential medical equipment on-board, thanks to training at MediSend International. The floating hospital includes five state-of-the-art operating rooms, as well as intensive care and ward bed space for up to 82 patients. The charity Mercy Ships (parent to Africa Mercy) sponsored Emmanuel’s six-month biomedical equipment repair training at MediSend in Dallas, Texas. He recently graduated as valedictorian of the Fall 2013 MediSend Biomedical Equipment Technology Program™.

Watch Emmanuel’s video.

“Emmanuel will be an important addition to the life-saving, life-changing work being performed every day on the Africa Mercy. We are proud to return him to the ship as a competent, professionally trained biomedical equipment repair technician,” said Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend International.

Emmanuel is now capable of managing a biomedical repair laboratory as well as maintaining and repairing the often life-saving equipment. His proficiency will mean that vital equipment onboard the Africa Mercy can be repaired immediately rather than waiting for technicians to come from long distances at great expense.

Emmanuel returns to the Africa Mercy with MediSend’s Mobile Biomedical Equipment Test and Repair Kit™ that contains over 4000 laboratory supply items, including essential repair tools and state-of-the-art test and calibration equipment, enabling him to begin immediately accomplishing critical tasks.

“We are so pleased to have sponsored Emmanuel for MediSend’s extensive training program. Emmanuel’s commitment to learning and to serving can be seen in his dedication. Emmanuel will serve on board the Africa Mercy for three years assisting in the maintenance of our hospital equipment. Ultimately Emmanuel plans to return to Benin with the hope of making a long term difference in his community,” said Becky Bynum, Mercy Ships Health Care Services Director.

MediSend and Mercy Ships, both Texas-based humanitarian organizations, are committed to furnishing access to quality medical care as the key to providing desperately needed hope and healing worldwide.

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MediSend offers critical healthcare support to communities in the greatest need by combining education and training and the delivery of safe and appropriate medical supplies and equipment. Since 2007 MediSend has trained over 100 biomedical equipment repair technicians for developing country hospitals and clinics in 18 countries worldwide and provided them with necessary tools and equipment to open and manage a biomedical equipment repair laboratory. In 2013, MediSend launched the General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Technology Program™ to offer its comprehensive training program and job opportunities to returning US veterans. For more information, go to

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