Medical Device Depot, Inc. Donates EKG Machines to MediSend International


GE-Mac-1200.pngMedical Device Depot has donated 50 EKG machines to MediSend International. Because the GE Mac 1200 machines are portable and lightweight with carry handles and require minimal training, they are excellent for developing country hospitals and clinics. MediSend will both train biomedical repair technicians on the machines as well as ship them to hospitals and clinics in desperate need of electrocardiograph systems.

“Thanks to MediSend’s training, in combination with their shipping programs, we know that these machines will be put to good and proper use wherever they are sent. It is rewarding to know that this donation will save lives that might otherwise be lost,” said John Gladstein of Medical Device Depot, Inc.

Since 2007, MediSend has been training professional biomedical equipment technicians for developing country hospitals and clinics. MediSend’s unique approach ensures that healthcare providers not only receive supplies and equipment, but also that the equipment is properly installed, maintained and repaired by qualified technicians.

“Medical Device Depot’s generous donation will mean better healthcare for communities around the world. On behalf of the hospital and clinics and families we serve in some of the world’s poorest communities, this is a much appreciated donation,” said Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend.