Humanitarian Aid

MediSend International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit humanitarian organization,  founded in 1990 by Dame Jane Goodall and Dr. Martin Lazar. At its founding, the singular mission was to distribute surplus medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in underdeveloped countries, many with little or no healthcare systems at all. It was this founding mission that set MediSend on a path of embracing the commitment to serve others.

In 2005, after visiting women’s and children’s hospitals throughout Africa, MediSend discovered that it could make a more lasting and sustainable contribution by adding critical medical equipment to its global humanitarian healthcare missions.

In 2006, with support from the Dahan Family Foundation, and in response to the desperate world-wide need of medical equipment in developing country hospitals, and the complete lack of professionally trained indigenous technicians with the skills and knowledge to maintain the donated equipment, MediSend created a certified refurbishing laboratory and a world-class biomedical equipment repair training program: BMET Certificate Program. The combination of equipment distribution and an international training program proved to be a new and unique healthcare model that provided both critical equipment and the skills to sustainably maintain it.

Since 1990, Medisend has shipped Containers of Hope filled with medical supplies and critical biomedical equipment to hospitals and clinics in more than 70 of the worlds poorest countries, and trained and equipped indigenous technicians in more than 23 countries around the world.

Today, MediSend International continues its original mission of supporting long-term community healthcare programs and disaster-emergency medical relief campaigns, but with a focus on the distribution of biomedical equipment only. Through the educational and training programs of Medisend College of Biomedical Engineering Technology, a wide range of biomedical equipment is refurbished and transferred to MediSend International in support of its global humanitarian healthcare missions.

If you would like to sponsor a shipment of biomedical equipment, please review the Containers of Hope.