Dallas-Based Medisend International Sends Aid to Indonesia


Until recently, with the marking of the one year anniversary of the tragic flood that killed over 200,000 people and devastated Southeast Asia, the media has long ceased sending cameras to the areas struck by the tsunami. The needs, however, are greater than ever. Dallas-based MediSend International established a long-range program for the distribution of medical and surgical equipment and supplies to the region immediately after last year’s horrific flooding. This week, with the generous support and partnership of ExxonMobil, MediSend has shipped two forty foot containers loaded with medical and surgical equipment and supplies to Indonesia. The first container will go to four hospitals in Banda Aceh, one of the worst hit areas by the tsunami in Indonesia. ExxonMobil and MediSend have partnered with Save the Children to distribute the second container to clinics in the rural areas of Indonesia. MediSend partnered with Dallas-based Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI) to send a similar shipment to the area in January 2005 shortly after the devastating earthquake-driven flood, as well as a forty foot container of medical supplies to hospitals in Sri Lanka in November.

A non-profit organization headquartered in Dallas, MediSend has been quietly assuming a global role in relieving unnecessary suffering of patients in need of medical attention worldwide. MediSend International, with warehouse facilities and offices in North Dallas, is dedicated to the recovery of new and used surplus medical supplies and equipment in the US for distribution to developing countries in desperate need of these items. With individuals like renowned primatologist Jane Goodall and Mary Jo Myers, wife of General Richard Myers, on MediSend’s Board, the organization is emerging as an organization with international reach and influence.

With the help of strategic partners such as manufacturers, distributors, and hospital systems that donate surplus usable medical supplies and equipment desperately needed in developing countries, MediSend provides shipments of medical aid to pre-qualified public and charitable institutions that offer medical services abroad. Often, in these areas, doctors and medical practitioners are desperate for the likes of even the simplest items such as surgical gloves or clean syringes. After MediSend collects supplies and biomedical equipment, the items are sorted, inventoried, repaired and shipped. Generous support from corporate sponsors such as ExxonMobil, BHP Billiton, PEMEX, and Estech Systems, Inc.(ESI) enables MediSend to send shipments around the world to help ease the suffering of those in dire need of medical attention. Upon arrival into the recipient areas, a third party NGO oversees the distribution of the supplies. MediSend works with NGO’s such as the World Health Organization, United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP), Save the Children, Cure International, and the International Red Cross.

With support from the ExxonMobil Foundation’s Africa Health Initiative, in collaboration with Save the Children, two forty-foot ocean containers loaded with medical supplies and bio-medical equipment were shipped to Angola and a forty foot container was shipped to Equatorial Guinea in November.

MediSend has provided long-term strategic medical aid to Tsunami victims in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India, as well as aid to Afghanistan, Angola, Iraq, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mexico, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Kenya, and Colombia. Unfortunately requests come in faster than can be fulfilled and there are many areas worldwide waiting desperately for the kind of help that MediSend provides. Medisend is sending out an urgent plea to resources such as manufacturers, distributors, and hospital systems for the much needed surplus medical equipment and supplies that will no longer be of use to their facilities but can be lifesaving for those in need.

For information on MediSend International’s Medical Surplus Recovery Program, call Nick Hallack at (214) 575-5006. You will be sent a list of the types of donations that are accepted and how to donate. To learn more about MediSend International, go to www.medisend.org.

For further information, interviews or images, call Lou Ann York (214) 343-1599.