A biomedical equipment technician/engineer is trained to work in the Healthcare Technology Management field as a highly skilled electro-mechanical technician that installs, inspects, troubleshoots, calibrates, and maintains medical, instrumentation and support systems of moderate to high complexity used in healthcare delivery. This individual has technical competence to ensure that medical equipment is safe, functional and properly configured. The biomedical equipment technician also serves as an advisor to nursing and administrative staff in the safe use and proper operation of biomedical equipment and in developing specifications for and the selection of new items of medical equipment.

Biomedical Equipment Technicians/Engineers (BMET) find employment in both medical and industrial settings, working in the construction and repair of medical devices. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual biomedical equipment repairer salary was $46,340 in May 2015, with the highest ten percent earned over $70,000; however this vary widely depending on a variety of factors (i.e. industry, region, education degrees, leadership skills, etc.). Healthcare is a growing field, and demand for biomedical equipment technicians is expected to grow significantly. Job opportunities are expected to be even stronger to those with training at the associate’s-degree level or higher who want to enter this field.  View PDF


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