Containers of Hope

Medisend Humanitarian OrganizationMedisend International celebrates twenty-five years of Sending Hope and Saving Lives. Since 1990, Medisend has shipped Containers of Hope filled with medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics in some of the world’s poorest countries.


Thanks to the generosity of our partners and sponsors, children who have never walked are mobile in wheelchairs and on crutches. New mothers give birth with sterile birthing kits and sleep in hospital beds instead of on dirt floors. Premature babies have hope for survival in incubators. Hearts that have stopped are restarted with defibrillators. Even tiny wounds are covered so they do not become infected. MediSend has sent everything from beds to bandages to countries where healthcare workers sometimes have to use bread bags as surgical gloves. It is sad to see doctors in tears upon arrival of shipment of supplies until you realize that they are tears of joy.

MediSend has responded to emergencies worldwide- Bangladish, Indonesia, Congo, Philippines– and was one of the first responders in Haiti after the devastating quake of 2010. MediSend has sent shipments of much needed supplies to countries suffering from poverty, strife, epidemics– wherever there is need.

Recently, we shipped containers of critical medical supplies to Liberia and Sierra Leone in support of the Ebola crisis. We helped to rebuild and supply a destroyed hospital in Colombia, provided medical supplies to an orphanage in Malawi, a maternity hospital in Guatemala, a women’s and children’s hospital in Guinea, and a hospital devastated by the 2013 typhoon in the Philippines, but we need your help. If you, your company or church would like to designate a specific country or hospital, MediSend will help you support that goal. We are happy to host volunteer events for you and your group to be part of the packing, shipping and loading of your container.

When you sponsor a Container of Hope, you will receive regular status reports as the shipment makes its journey, and photos upon its arrival so that you can share in tears of joy!

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