Associate in Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering Technology

The associate degree prepares students for technologically advanced job employment. It includes accelerated 36 semester credit hours of specialized biomedical content, 15 semester credit hours in general education, and 9 semester credit hours of technical electives for a total of 60 semester credit hours. The curriculum is designed to support a “Block Scheduled Cohort” model for entry and graduation, allowing a 1 year completion. This Cohort model supports the vision to maintain a structured case management system because of the primary student population (veteran and international) served by the College. The curriculum design is block scheduled for Cohort entry; however, based upon the student needs, the administration recognizes that an alternative re-entry ‘on –boarding” process is required. Therefore, students who drop a course(s) within the scheduled block for unforeseen circumstances will have an opportunity to re-enter with subsequent Cohort for the scheduled course. Therefore, students will have the flexibility to complete the degree requirements in 1 year; however, they will be allowed up to two years to complete the degree requirements.

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