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New Partnership Promises ‘Accelerated Path’ to BMET Career

General Richard B. Meyers Biomedical Technology ScThe General Richard B. Myers Biomedical Technology School and the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) in Texas have teamed up to create a fast track for post-9/11 veterans to earn an associate degree in electrical engineering technology.

Veterans accepted into this accelerated program first complete an intensive, five-month biomedical equipment technician (BMET) “boot camp” at the Myers School that prepares them to repair, maintain, and operate sophisticated medical devices. This school, which is named after retired Air Force General Richard B. Myers, the 15th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is part of Dallas-based MediSend International, a nonprofit educational organization.

After earning a BMET certificate, graduates are immediately ready for employment in the healthcare industry. Because of this partnership, graduates now have the opportunity to complete their associate degree with DCCCD while employed full-time.

“Many veterans find transitioning from military to civilian life a challenge,” said Nick Hallack, president and CEO of MediSend. “This fit-for-purpose program is unlike any other academic program out there. It was designed to leverage the skills veterans have acquired in the military and align with industry needs. By partnering with DCCCD, veterans now have an accelerated path to a successful career that also positions them for rapid advancement in the healthcare industry.”

According to Mark Hays, DCCCD’s vice chancellor of workforce and economic development, earning an associate degree can be a valuable career asset. “After five months, they can enter the market at a high level. But, earning an associate degree will help them move up the career ladder faster,” Hays explained in a press release.

The next class will begin at the Myers School in April, with another class starting in July. MediSend projects 26 veterans will complete the course in 2016 and 36 will earn their BMET certificate in 2017.