Biomedical Equipment Technology and Medical Device: Downsizing

Downsizing is more than a trend these days; it’s actually a Hollywood film featuring Matt Damon.  Technology has always become more compact.  Computers, hard drives, mobile phones, cameras, and portable media storage have all gotten smaller.  The medical field is no stranger to this trend.  Almost 5 decades ago, diabetic patients carried a large back-pack size insulin pump. Through modernization, this device can do the same thing as a cell-phone sized device or implant under the skin today!

Medisend pioneered the first and largest comprehensive mobile biomedical equipment test and repair lab for BMETs, placing over 4000 pieces of critical supplies, spare parts and equipment in one transportable repair lab.  Our kits have been deployed around the world to more than 23 countries around the world, including Angola, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Haiti, Colombia and Papua New Guinea. It remains the largest mobile repair lab of its kind in the world. Place the link to the Kit page on the website

We sent a Lab/Kit to Dikembe Mutombo’s hospital in Congo. There was a wonderful story about a specialist children’s heart surgeon traveling to Mutombo’s hospital for an open heart operation on a small child. One of the critical pieces of equipment required for the surgery broke down as the doctor was underway. They wanted to cancel the operation and the doctor’s trip, but our team got on the phone with two of our Medisend College trained technicians, and with the test and repair equipment that was in their labs, together the two teams resolved the problem and repaired the piece of equipment. In the end, the doctor flew to the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital (Dikembe’s mother), and operated on the child and saved her life.