The Center


In 2006, retired Exxon-executive Rene Dahan and his wife, Elisabeth, made a new home for MediSend’s unique biomedical repair program possible. Located in north Dallas, the facility is now home for one of the nation’s top international biomedical equipment repair and training laboratories.

Sponsored by ExxonMobil, the Elisabeth Dahan Humanitarian Center houses the first BMET certified biomedical repair program that trains international students.

With the initiation of a capital campaign to raise funds for the expansion of the Medisend Global Education Center, the Board of Directors of MediSend International remains committed to the groundbreaking program it has created.

The existing classrooms, library and common areas were designed by Perkins + Will and the construction was funded by Dallas-based Cambridge Holdings Inc. Donations from numerous corporate sponsors and donors have equipped and furnished the state-of-the art facility.

“In developing countries, millions of men, women and children are denied proper diagnosis and treatment everyday because of a serious global shortage of qualified biomedical technicians and skilled healthcare technologists. MediSend is offering sustainable solutions to this problem,” said Rene Dahan, a MediSend board member.

Dahan went med-headquarters-1on to say,”In the two years since its inception, the MediSend Biomedical Repair Training ProgramTM has returned several dozen qualified biomedical repair technicians to their home countries of Angola, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, India and the Democratic Republic of Congo, like Issakha Haroun, from Chad. Haroun returned to Chad’s Regional Doba Hospital after successfully completing MediSend’s Biomedical Repair Training Program™. MediSend’s proven record will encourage donors to help them in the process of expansion.”

A new Healthcare Technology and Management Program developed by MediSend will focus primarily on educating women from developing countries. As nurses women are often called upon to use biomedical equipment, but lack proper training.

Once they return to their home-hospitals, graduates will have the skills to properly use a wide range of biomedical equipment. They will gain advanced knowledge in nursing diagnosis and treatment, immunization, infection control, and disease transmission prevention (HIV, TB and Malaria).

New laboratories, hospital room settings, classrooms and support areas to the building are in need of funding to accommodate MediSend’s expanding healthcare training programs. The $1 million bricks and mortar campaign will fund construction of a new Healthcare Technology Lab that will house six hospital rooms, workstations, a nursing station and an operating room.The women will be trained in the concept and application of team-building and leadership in working with and improving their community health structure.

The campaign will support the construction of a standard operating room simulation lab, a biomedical repair lab to complement MediSend’s existing biomedical repair training lab, and a 35-person classroom.  Newly expanded office space will accommodate the additional faculty and students, as well as a kitchen and mandatory elevator.

“Our generous sponsors have enabled MediSend to set new standards of excellence in biomedical technologies in countries desperately needing better healthcare,” said Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend International. “The funds raised for this project will allow us to increase and amplify educational programs while continuing the ongoing distribution of medical supplies and biomedical equipment in sustainable plans for the countries we serve.”

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