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Press Releases

10/2/2016   MediSend International Receives $300,000 Matching Grant from Dahan Family Foundation
9/21/2016   MediSend, Liberia's Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization Partner to Help Rebuild Liberian Healthcare Infrastructure
5/20/2016   The General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Technology Program Receives Bank of America Grant to Help Provide Veterans a Pathway to Employment
5/20/2016   Sodexo and Medisend Partner to bring Biomedical Career Opportunities to Veterans.
5/4/2016   Dr. Jane Goodall Celebrates with MediSend Friends
3/3/2016   News from Nigeria
2/10/2016   The General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Technology School Receives $50k From ReserveAid
2/10/2016   The General Richard B. Myers 2016 Veterans Hope Award is Presented to Strasburger & Price, LLP
4/23/2015   Dr. Gerald A. Heeger Joins Dallas-based MediSend International Advisory Board
4/8/2015   MediSend International and World Olympians Association Team Up to Support Reconstruction of Liberia's Healthcare System
3/11/2015   ReserveAid Supports the General Richard B. Myers Veterans Program
2/20/2015   MediSend Awarded Certification as Career School and College
1/28/2015   Medisend International Celebrates 25 years of Improving Community Health Worldwide
12/16/2014   MediSend Partners with AirLink to Deliver 10 Tons of Medical Supplies to Sierra Leone
12/12/2014   The General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Equipment Technology Program™ at MediSend is recipient of the 21st Century Solutions Grant from NBC 5 and Telemundo, in partnership with the NBC Foundation.
11/4/2014   MediSend International Partners with World Olympians Association in #TargetEbola Campaign
9/24/2014   MediSend International Ships Medical Supplies to Ebola Stricken West Africa
7/25/2014   Spring 2014 Graduates of General Richard B. Myers Veterans Program™ Have Recently Found Careers in Healthcare
7/17/2014   Veterans Find Careers in Healthcare After Training in General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Equipment Technology Program™
5/7/2014   MediSend ships desperately needed medical supplies to Philippines.
5/6/2014   MediSend International Ships Medical Supplies to Philippines as Part of Recovery Effort
01/8/2014   MediSend and Mercy Ships Partner for the Africa Mercy
10/14/2013   Medical Device Depot, Inc. Donates EKG Machines to MediSend International
04/22/2013   Full Scholarships for Returning US Vets in General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Equipment Technology Program at MediSend International
01/15/2013   MediSend's Biomedical Equipment Technology Program™ Provides Opportunity for Women throughout the Developing World
12/20/2012   MediSend Graduates Are Returning to Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan
12/20/2012   Happy Holidays!
12/20/2012   MediSend Ships Containers of Hope to Papua New Guinea Filled with Life-Saving Biomedical Equipment
12/04/2012   MediSend International is Building Technical Capacity for Healthcare in Papua New Guinea
11/26/2012   MediSend International Trains Nigeria Technicians to Build National Healthcare Capacity
06/15/2012   The Spring 2012 MediSend Biomedical Repair Training Program™ Sends Graduating Biomedical Technicians to Hospitals Around the World
06/13/2012   MediSend Trainees Tour Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
05/30/2012   MediSend International Receives an $11,000 Grant from Million Dollar Round Table Foundation
05/25/2012   Meet Jason Maiasa, a MediSend biomedical technician trainee from Papua New Guinea
05/21/2012   MediSend International Supports Healthcare Technology Management Week
05/12/2012   Meet Jhon Romero, a technician trainee from Peru's National Institute of Neoplastic Disease (INEN)
04/17/2012   MediSend and International Child Care Partner to benefit Haitian Children's Hospital
03/14/2012   Maersk Line Supports MediSend International's Healthcare Strenthening Programs in Papua New Guinea
03/01/2012   MediSend Welcomes Trainees from Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Papua New Guinea, Peru and Haiti
12/16/2011   MediSend Trained Biomedical Equipment Technicians Return Home to Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Papua New Guinea
11/15/2011   MediSend will soon return (BMET) Biomedical Repair Technicians and Laboratories to Papua New Guinea, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea
07/12/2011   MediSend International Transforms Healthcare in Nigeria, Togo, Papua New Guinea and Haiti
05/24/2011   MediSend International Names Dr. Costel Rizescu Vice-President of Biomedical Technologies
05/17/2011   MediSend Receives Four Star Ranking from Charity Navigator for Fourth Consecutive Year
02/09/2011   MediSend International Welcomes Mary Logan to Its Advisory Board of Directors
10/13/2010   MediSend CEO Visits Ghana on a Mission for Women's Health
09/22/2010   MediSend Biomedical Trainees from Six Developing Country Hospitals Visit Baylor Health Care System
09/14/2010   MediSend International Plans a Significant Role in the Reconstruction of Haiti�s Healthcare System
08/17/2010   MediSend International Brings Together a Partnership to Deliver Life-Saving Medication to Tajikistan
08/10/2010   Six Developing Countries To Benefit from the MediSend Biomedical Repair Training Program™
05/11/2010   AAMI Collaborates to Promote International Education, Standards
04/13/2010   MediSend International Joins Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD)
02/23/2010   MediSend Biomedical Technologies School Opens Its Fourth Year with 2010 Class of Trainees from Developing Countries
01/29/2010   A Coalition of North Texas Organizations Enables MediSend International to Answer the Urgent Plea for Medical Equipment and Supplies for Haiti
01/12/2010   International SOS and MediSend to Partner on Humanitarian Healthcare
12/01/2009   Mercy Ships and MediSend International Partner to Deliver Hope and Healing
11/16/2009   MediSend International Biomedical Training Team to Attend
MEDICA 2009 in Duesseldorf, Germany
09/28/2009   MediSend International Joins The Clinton Global Initiative with The Afghanistan Health and Human Resource Initiative
08/25/2009   MediSend International Utilizes Nida System to Train Biomedical Repair Technicians for Developing Country Hospitals
07/07/2009   MediSend International Hosts Graduation for Ten Biomedical Trainees from Africa
06/30/2009   NFI Partners with MediSend International to Deliver Medical AId to Developing Nations
06/02/2009   MediSend International Supplies AIMS.NET Technology To Developing Country Hospitals
05/28/2009   Thanks to the Generosity of ExxonMobil, MediSend International is Transforming Healthcare in Chad
05/26/2009   MediSend International Supplies Biomedical Repair Kits To African Countries Thanks To The Generosity Of ExxonMobil
03/16/2009   Trainees from Hospitals in Africa Attend MediSend International's Biomedical Repair Training Program
02/11/2009   MediSend International Sending Medical Equipment and Supplies to Africa
12/16/2008   MediSend International Initiates Fund-Raising Campaign to Support Expansion of Educational Facilities
11/06/2008   Congolese trainees in MediSend�s Biomedical Repair Training Program™ will return home as qualified technicians to work in the hospital sponsored by Dikembe Mutombo and named for his mother.
08/21/2008   MediSend International Launches the First Comprehensive Biomedical Equipment Repair Kit for Developing Country Hospitals
07/23/2008   Dallas-based MediSend International Hosts Commencement Ceremonies for Twelve African Students Graduating from First-Mover Biomedical Repair Training Program
07/16/2008   Dallas-based Baylor Health Care System and MediSend International Work Together To Improve Health Care Systems in Developing Countries
06/16/2008   MediSend International is Honored with the CIO 100 Award for Third Consecutive Year
05/28/2008   Broadlane and MediSend International Collaborate to Improve Healthcare Conditions in Developing Countries
05/12/2008   MediSend International and Tenet Healthcare Corporation Form a Global Social Responsibility Partnership to Redeploy Biomedical Equipment to Developing Countries
05/01/2008   MediSend International is First to Offer a Comprehensive Biomedical Training Program Designed Specifically for Developing Countries
04/09/2008   MediSend International and National Freight Industries (NFI) Partnership Benefits People in Desperate Need Worldwide
02/26/2008   MediSend International Inspires 'Green-Thinking' Domestically and in Developing Countries
01/28/2008   MediSend International Ships Emergency Aid to Bangladesh
01/10/2008   MediSend International Sends Humanitarian Aid to Angola as part of ExxonMobil's Africa Health Initiative
10/17/2007   African Students Return Home with Skills to Save Lives
10/16/2007   NASA Astronaut James F. Reilly, II (PH.D.) Meets with African Students at MediSend International
10/14/2007   MediSend International Students Tour Baylor Plano Hospital
06/07/2007   MediSend International is Honored with CIO 100 Award for the Second Consecutive Year
05/29/2007   ExxonMobil Foundation Provides Grant to MediSend International for Humanitarian Aid to Africa
05/24/2007   Estech Systems, Inc. Donates State-of-the-Art Communications Equipment to MediSend International as Part of "Success with Significance" Program
05/14/2007   Esso Angola Donates Medical Supplies from MediSend International
04/03/2007   MediSend International and UBICS Inc., Cooperate to Deliver International Aid and Educational Services More Efficiently
03/15/2007   MediSend International Announces Upgrade of its Award-Winning Warehouse Management Software
11/13/2006   ExxonMobil Foundation Enables MediSend International to Ship 35 Tons of Medical Equipment and Supplies to the Middle East
09/16/2006   Corporate Community Unites to Fund MediSend International's Middle East Emergency Relief Campaign / ExxonMobil Foundation Provides Leadership Gift
08/17/2006   MediSend International Receives the CIO 100 Award for Excellence and Achievement in IT
07/26/2006   MediSend International Prepares Shipments of Medical Supplies and Equipment for Lebanon Emergency Relief
07/24/2006   Senator Roshan Bharucha of Pakistan Voices Appreciation to Dallas-based MediSend International for $1.5 Million in Medical Relief
03/22/2006   Dallas-Based MediSend International Opens BioMedical Repair Lab
01/11/2006   Dallas-Based Medisend International Sends Aid to Indonesia
12/21/2005   MediSend International, BHP Billiton, and Estech Systems,Inc. Make Possible a $1.5 Million Shipment of Desperately Needed Medical Supplies to Pakistan
12/08/2005   Dallas-Based MediSend International and Pemex Partner in an Effort to Improve Medical Conditions in Rural Mexico
11/15/2005   MediSend International Fulfills Shipment to Angola in Support of ExxonMobil's Africa Health Initiative
11/02/2005   Dallas-based MediSend International Will Ship Over $1.5 million in Surplus Medical Supplies to Earthquake Ravaged Pakistan

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