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technology_mediwerks.jpgMediWerks is a secure, web-based Decision Support System providing MediSend management with essential information for business decision making. MediWerks functions around three distinct areas:

Business Intelligence - MediWerks provides management with a centralized view of all aspects of the organization. The application processes and enhances numerous streams of data to provide relevant and real-time "knowledge" for faster business decisions.

Business Processes Integration - MediWerks streamlines and automates business processes throughout the organization enabling users to become more efficient and deliver greater value. Each business unit functions independently but is integrated at distinct touch-points to provide a seamless flow of cross department functionality.

Presentation and Collaboration - Collaboration is a major component of MediWerks. As MediSend expands, and as the speed and demands of its business increases, interaction becomes simultaneously more difficult and more important. MediWerks provides a single sign-on source of all data as well as role based security ensuring that authenticated users perform transactions consistent with their functions.

cio100_logo_2005.gif 2006 CIO 100 Award Winner - CIO Magazine award for organizations that have distinguished themselves by creating business value through the effective and innovative use of IT.

For the implementation of intelligent business strategies, MediSend needs to have the flexibility in its business processes, as well as a high level of innovation and the ability, to transfer process optimization and innovation from management concepts to supporting IT systems. MediWerks is built on an open, scalable infrastructure that allows new modules to be developed and integrated quickly and easily. MediWerks is composed of numerous distinct but integrated modules modeled around core business units:

  • CRM (Customer Relations Management)
  • International Aid
  • Surplus Recovery
  • Volunteer Management
  • Fundraising
  • Grants Management

MediWerks is the core service for a number of derivative applications utilized by MediSend. These applications integrate with MediWerks via a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) which provides a common set of services, quicker time to market and reduced maintenance costs. Current derivative applications in production include:

  1. Biomedical Maintenance Facility - A comprehensive maintenance management solution for the recovery, evaluation and repair of biomedical equipment.
  2. Warehouse SCM - An integrated solution for the recovery, management, processing and shipment of international aid products.
  3. MediAid - An external case management system for hospitals in developing countries seeking international aid from MediSend.
  4. Donor Asset Management System - A personalized asset management solution allowing organizations to donate supplies and biomedical equipment to MediSend. Organizations can track donations along the supply chain path from their point of donation to the end recipient hospital in the developing country.
  5. MediSend Aid Drive - An online monetary donation system allowing individuals, organizations and corporations to directly support or sponsor international aid shipments, healthcare and biomedical repair training, and general MediSend operations.


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