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MediAid is a web-based, self-service customer portal empowering international aid recipients with the tools to manage and process their international aid shipments. The simple, intuitive interface guides applicants through the process of applying for aid, completing the required online forms, selecting products from inventory and preparing shipping and customs documents.

MediAid is the customer side of the international aid process. Applicants have access to real-time inventory availability enabling them to select products specifically tailored to their needs.

MediAid provides international aid recipients with the ability to:

  • Apply online
  • Browse or search for products throughout the entire available inventory
  • Select and order products in shopping cart
  • Select products for multiple recipient hospitals per shipment
  • Order and manage multiple shipments
  • Interact with MediSend staff via a private message board
  • Manage, view, share and print documents
  • View the history of the case and all shipments
  • Secure login and password access to site


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